New Band Love: Walking on Rivers

I’m sure many people have that fantasy of going off on vacation, perhaps to a foreign land, and falling in love, having that magical night, and taking home a perfect memory that you will never forget. Well, folks, it has happened to me. I went off on an adventure to Berlin and found a new love; a band love of course!

Meet Walking on Rivers:


They bill themselves as an indie folk/pop group, which I suppose is appropriate (think older Mumford & Sons).  The quartet is from Dortmund, Germany which I had to look up (it’s central west, has a football museum and a building with a giant U on top), but they sing in English.  I was drawn initially to the band’s use of harmonies and piano but what sold me at the show was their energy, cohesiveness, and connection with the audience…they even came into the crowd to sing for their encore.  They told me they had only been a band for a bit over a year which was surprising given the depth of well crafted songs on their set list.  They have a released EP that you can check out on bandcamp, but they also have a slew of videos that I think give a great sense of the band.  They mentioned that maybe next year they’ll get to The States.  I sure hope so. In the meantime, I may be the only person in all of this land sporting a Walking on Rivers t-shirt.  Hopefully that will change soon.

From my trip’s photo album:


Connect with the band:





~ Kristen