Listen To This! 01/27/17

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…


Album: The KinModern Primitive

One of my faves released a long-awaited album today. I’ve been listening all day, enjoying songs, a good mix of power and beauty, old and new, modern and primitive(?).  I keep trying to pick a favorite song, but every time I think I’ve settled on one, the next song will come on and I’ll change my mind.  Certainly a record I’d recommend digging into.


Video: Arkivist – “Burnout”

If you want a band to follow from the early stages, check out Arkivist. The recently relocated to LA trio already are developing a definitive style that is very much their own. Their music speaks both to the more intellectual-minded as well as to those appreciative of the more baser notions of rhythm and melody.


Show: Zane Carney at The El Rey

I’ve been to several shows in the past couple of weeks, but this one…this one holds a very special place in my heart. Guitar maestro, Zane Carney, with his backing band (composed, in part, of LMN Band Love Carney) took the audience through a musical journey, rocking and rolling through the best of Zane’s ever growing (and improving) catalog of songs. The journey climaxed with a rendition of “Helter Skelter” that was pretty much an out of body experience. Hopefully his new music will be released soon, but until then, you simply must take every opportunity to see Zane Carey live (I’d post a video, but it wouldn’t do the experience justice).


SXSW Watch: Middle Kids

I’m making my way through the list of SXSW artists and Middle Kids were one to really catch my ear. This three-piece from Australia has an EP coming out Feb. 17th and will be at The Echo Feb. 25th.  Mark your calendars!


~ Kristen