LA Concert Calendar

Kristen’s Remote Streaming Concert Calendar: 5/11-5/17

Another week has come and gone. It feels like the days and weeks are flying by with very little to mark them in my memory. I did watch a few episodes of older TV shows last week on streaming services, so old that the music licensing has expired. I noticed!  Changing the music really does alter the complexion of the entire show.  I think I’ll stick to my DVDs.

As far as streaming highlights, last week began with Robinson singing my current earworm, “Watching You” and ended with a most entertaining Saturday with Judah (& the Lion) and friends. It was also the week that Joe Firstman played The War of Women in its entirety, The Franklin Electric finally got into the live stream game, my new faves, King No-One, tried out some new tunes for SoFar Sounds Brighton, and I made a new quarantine discovery, Luna Bay.

Let’s see what next week has in store. Don’t miss Simon of Biffy Clyro Friday at 10AM. Might be the band’s last Friday stream for a minute.


: Yungblud at YT
: The Dunwells at FB
James Gillespie at American Songwriter FB
11am: JP Cooper at IG
12pm: Cold War Kids at IG
The Unlikely Candidates at radio1045 IG/FB
Ida Mae at IG/FB
1pm: ? at Jimmy’s IG
Lucy Lu at mahogany IG
Bones of JR Jones at Sixthman FB
2pm: Shakey Graves at Paste Magazine YT
3pm: Lex Land at FB
4pm: John Faye at FB
OneRepublic at FB
4:30: Deal Casino at IG
5pm: Edwin McCain at FB
Grace Potter at FB/YT
The Orphan The Poet at FB
5:30: Jay Nash at FB
6pm: AHI at FB
Hamish Anderson at FB
Jeremy Messersmith at IG
7pm: Monday Monday at FB


: The Dunwells at FB
Biffy Clyro at IG
12pm: Cold War Kids at IG
Freya Ridings at IG
James Arthur at Mahagony IG
Sam Calver at IG
1pm: Filthy Tricks at Jimmy’s IG
Third Eye Blind at radio1045 IG/FB
Suzanne Santo at FB
The Mowglis at Sixthman FB
2pm: Watkins Family Hour at Paste Magazine YT
5pm: Jonathan Tyler at FB
Brian Dunne at The Evening Muse FB
6pm: Ernie Halter at FB
Jared & The Mill at Twitch
ALSO: Noisepop Benefit at FB/YT/Twitch


: The Dunwells at FB
Jason Mraz at YT
11am: Sam Wilkerson at 947fm IG
12pm: Cold War Kids at IG
Will Dailey at SoFar YT
1pm: The Unlikely Candidates at FB
? at Jimmy’s IG
Trapdoor Social at IG
2pm: Morgxn at IG
David Crosby at Paste Magazine YT
5pm: Whiskey Sour Happy Hour f. Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith, Indigo Girls, Langhorne Slim, Chris Thile and more at The Bluegrass Situation FB/YT
Jared & The Mill at IG
6pm: Tony Lucca at FB
Honey County
Frenship at anchorbrewing IG
7pm: Joel Eckles at FB/IG
WFNM Showcase at IG


10am: The Dunwells at FB
Marc Broussard at YT
12pm: Snow Patrol at FB
Cold War Kids at IG
David Ford at YT
12:30: Frank Turner at YT
1pm: ? at Jimmy’s IG
Charlotte OC at Veeps
2pm: Don McLean, Ron Pope at Paste Magazine YT
Paul Keen on FB
3pm: Low Cut Connie at FB/IG/YT/Twitch
4pm: Indigo Girls at FB
Watkins Family Hour w/ The War & Treaty, Taylor Goldsmith and Mandy Moore at Zoom
Red Molly at FB
Ben Gibbard at FB/Twitch/YT
Trishes at RoadNation FB/Twitch/YT
4:30: Brick + Motor at IG
Deal Casino at IG
5pm: Tall Heights at FB
Jared & The Mill at Twitch
The Accidentals at FB
Bleeker at FB
Tyrone Wells at Evanston Space FB
Josh Groban at FB 
: Cordovas at FB
Coyle Girelli at FB/IG
Shawn Hook at IG
ALSO: Noisepop Benefit at FB/YT/Twitch


10am: Biffy Clyro on FB
The Dunwells at FB
Wild Front at Ticketmaster UK FB
Adam French at IG
11am: Echosmith at Bandsintown Twitch
Dan Wilson at andthewriteris IG
11:30: Jay Nash at FB
The Sherlocks at IG
12pm: Ferris & Sylvester at FB
Cold War Kids at IG
The Tallest Man on Earth at YT
ScaryPoolParty at Bandsintown Twitch
1pm: ? at Jimmy’s IG
Larkin Poe at New York Guitar Festival YT
Lizzy Hale at YT
2pm: Kongos at FB
Emily Wolfe at FB
3:30: The Districts at officialculturecollide IG
4pm: The Bones of JR Jones at FB
5pm: Dirty Heads at YT
Blue October at StageIt
Friday Pilots Club at IG
6pm: Zane Carney at Twitch
Jared & The Mill at Twitch
9pm: The Classic Crime at Twitch


10am: The Dunwells at FB
11am: Corella at FB
11:30: Five4Five Fest at FB/YT
12pm: Snow Patrol at IG
Lewis Capaldi via DiceApp
1pm: ? at Jimmy’s IG
2pm: Bad Bad Hats at YT
3pm: Low Cut Connie at FB/IG/YT/Twitch
4pm: Ben Folds at YT
6pm: Cordovas at FB
ALSO: Five4Five Fest f. The Dangerious Summer, Fatherson


10am: The Dunwells at FB
11am: Marc Broussard at FB
Lewis Watson at lyle_and_scott IG
12pm: Lissie at Veeps
1pm: ? at Jimmy’s IG
Magic Giant Live from Quarantine at IG
1:15: Walk Off the Earth at Magic Giant IG
1:30: Sam Tsui at Magic Giant IG
1:40: Bastian Baker at Magic Giant IG
1:55: Chelsea Cutler at Magic Giant IG
2:10: NoMBe at Magic Giant IG
2:25: Shakey Graves at Magic Giant IG
2:40: Leslie Odom Jr. at Magic Giant IG
2:50: Josie Dunne at Magic Giant IG
3pm: Bleeker at FB
3:05: Local Natives at Magic Giant IG
3:20: The Revivalists at Magic Giant IG
4pm: Freddy & Francine at FB
4:30: Ernie Halter at FB
5pm: Taylor Goldsmith and Mandy Moore at Dawes IG
6pm: Tony Lucca at FB
Joe Pug at FB
7pm: John Mayer at IG

FB = Facebook, IG = Instagram, YT = YouTube


To Keep in Mind:

May 19th: Alanis Morissette and Jagged Little Pill at FB/YT (5pm)
May 20th: Dermot Kennedy at YT (1pm)
May 22nd: Bad Veins at FB (7pm)
May 22nd-24th: BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend
May 23rd: Toby Lightman at rocwoodmusichall IG (5pm)
June 5th: Michael Tolcher at YT (6pm)



~ Kristen