Kristen’s Remote Streaming Concert Calendar: 7/6-7/12

Now that July 4th has come and gone, I hope it brings an end to the nightly fireworks. I was disappointed by the lack of online music events for the holiday but walking around my neighborhood provided a surprising assortment of instrumentals including a jazz trumpet, a group of string instruments, and what sounded like an organ all coming from inside various homes. There was also the garage rock band playing covers from (shocker!) a garage, but I scurried quickly past that one and the gathering crowd.

Next week, we’ve got some exciting UK festivals including the week long Sucker Fest (see Sucker FB and IG for details) and Saturday’s Finsperry Festival featuring quite a few of the up and coming British bands I’ve discovered in this lockdown.

Here’s what else I’ve found:


: The Dunwells at YT
Zane Carney at Twitch
11am: Bandsintown Outskirts f. Wild Ponies, Emily Barker, Ferris & Sylvester, Robert Vincent at Twitch
5pm: Edwin McCain at FB
6pm: Grace Potter at YT
Glen Phillips at FB
The Accidentals at FB
Rhett Miller at StageIt


9am: Jason Manns at StageIt
10am: Jason Manns at StageIt
Arkells at IG
: Bandsintown Discovery f. John-Robert at Twitch
12pm: King No-One, Kitty VR at The Polar Bear FB
Alec Benjamin at Cover Nation YT
Tones and I at Radiodotcom FB/twitter
1pm: Imogen Heap at YT
9pm: Jason Manns at StageIt
10pm: Jason Manns at StageIt


: The Dunwells at YT
1pm: The Unlikely Candidates at FB/IG
Apre at Sucker FB
5pm: Plain White T’s at FB
6pm: Tony Lucca at FB
Glen Phillips at FB
Tyler Bryant at Anchor Brewing IG
6:30: WFNM Showcase at IG


10am: Lime Cordiale
12pm: The Accidentals at FB
: Brendan Benson at YT
3pm: Low Cut Connie at FB/IG/YT/Twitch
5pm: Tall Heights at FB
Leann Rimes at StageIt
Ringo Starr’s Big Birthday Show at YT
: Cordovas at FB
Coyle Girelli at FB/IG
Lucius at
ALSO: The Unlikely Candidates at Main at South Side FB


: The Dunwells at YT
11am: Bandsintown MostLiked at Twitch
3pm: Sway-At-Home 3 f. Raye Zaragoza, Joe Pug, Dustbowl Revival at Dustbowl Revival FB/YT
5pm: Harrison Storm at
Jace Miller at Friday FB Live Concert Series FB
Anberlin at
6pm: Zane Carney at Twitch
Glen Phillips at FB
Citizen Cope at
ALSO: Isol-Aid Festival at IG


: Roe at Sucker FB
: Rufus Wainwright Record Release Party
1pm: Rett Madison
2pm: Minke
: Sway-At-Home 3 f. Heather Maloney, Gaby Moreno, Dustbowl Revival at Dustbowl Revival FB/YT
5pm: Winnipeg Folk Festival at YT
5:30: Ron Pope at FB/IG
: Harrison Storm at
ALSO: Finsperry 2020 f. King No-One, Red Rum Club, Apre, Airways, Alfie Templeman, Bloxx, Balcony, Corella, Deco, Lostboy, Ten Tonnes, The Covasettes, Will Joseph Cook (3am-3pm)
Assembly Point Online Festival f. The Dunwells


: Tors at Sucker FB
: LONA at Sucker FB
: Airways at Sucker FB
Shawn Mullins at FB
5pm: George Stanford at FB

FB = Facebook, IG = Instagram, YT = YouTube


To Keep in Mind:

July 13th: Jay Nash at FB
July 14th: Donna Missal at #BeApp (6pm)
July 15th: Music Matters Season finale at FB (8pm)
July 16th: Tall Heights at FB (5pm)
July 16th: The Indigo Girls at IG (4pm)
July 18th: The Cadillac Three at (11:30am)
July 18th: Hamish Anderson (4pm)
July 20th: Billy Lunn (The Subways) at Zoom
July 23rd: Tall Heights at FB (5pm)
July 23rd: Leann Rimes at StageIt (5pm)
July 25th: Blue October at StageIt (6pm)
July 30th: David Ramirez (5:30)
August 1st: LP at (1pm)
August 14th: Chatham County Line (5pm)
August 15th: Leann Rimes at StageIt (2pm)
August 23rd: Leann Rimes at StageIt (1pm)


~ Kristen