Amanda’s (Late) SD Show Calendar 3/29-4/3

I realize this is coming at you much later than it should be. Although, I suppose I could have just forgotten all together. Point being, I had a very busy weekend and I forgot that I wasn’t going to have time yesterday to put out my calendar like usual. Sunday was my day of rest and it kind of just bit me in the ass. Ha ha. I’m hoping you all just looked at the Keep in Mind section from last week…

Thankfully (maybe only for me) this is a rather light week of music. Although Saturday looks to be rather busy…


Tuesday: Fitz and the Tantrums @ Belly Up -SOLD OUT but maybe you can get lucky

Wednesday: Maren Parusel and The Baseball Project @ Casbah $13 adv/$15 day of

Thursday: Uh Huh Her @ Belly Up @9 $16 adv/$18 day of
AND: Trevor Davis CD Release @ Anthology @7 $10-21

Friday: Pretty Too Bad CD Release @ Casbah @ 8 $8
AND: Orgone @ Belly Up @9 $12 adv/$14 day of
AND: Modern Rifles @ Soda Bar @9 $5

Saturday: Black Heart Procession @ Casbah @5 $10 adv/$12 day of
AND: Little Hurricane and Get Back Loretta @ Casbah @ 9
AND: She Wants Revenge @ Belly Up @930 $20 adv/$22 day of
AND: The Donkeys @ Soda Bar @9 $8 adv/$10 day of

Sunday: A Rocket to the Moon, Valencia, and Anarbor @ Soma @630 $13 adv.
AND: Wendy Bailey and Echo Revolution @ Soda Bar @9 $5


Keep in Mind:

April 4th- The Sounds and White Apple Tree @ Belly Up
April 8th- Rise Against w/Bad Religion @ RIMAC Arena- UCSD
April 9th- Pete Yorn @ House of Blues
April 14th- Billy Clyro @ Belly Up
April 14th- Brandon Flowers @ House of Blues SD
April 14th- Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Casbah
April 16th- Ellie Goulding and the Knocks @ Casbah
April 28th- Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Casbah
May 2nd- TV on the Radio @ 4th & B
May 3rd- James Blunt @ Humphreys
May 6th- Ghostland Observatory @ 4th & B
May 6th- Chris Cornell @ Humphreys
May 6th- Fleet Foxes @ Spreckles Theater
May 11th- Bayside and Silverstein @ Soma @6 $18
May 12th- Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Casbah
May 13th- Pinback @ Belly Up
May 16th- Black Angels @ Belly Up
June 1st- Cage the Elephant and Manchester Orchestra @ Soma @ 630 $20
June 11th- Airborne Toxic Event @ House of Blues

Amanda’s SD Show Calendar 2/28-3/6

I finally did it. I dragged my sorry butt out of the house and was able to get to a show. My show legs may not be quite up to par but the music was most definitely above par. I saw Jamestown Revival and The Coronas at the Casbah and I highly recommend you check them out!

It looks like we have a mellow week ahead since last week was fairly packed with shows….


Monday: Relax

Tuesday: Everest @ Casbah @9 $8

Wednesday: The Silent Comedy @ Casbah @9 $14
AND: Circa Survive, Thrice, and Dynamite Walls @ Soma @7 $20
AND: Crystal Castles @ House of Blues SD (sold out!)

Thursday: The Autumn Defense @ Anthology @730 $10-16
AND: Ireside @ Belly Up @9 $8

Friday: Gregory Page Show @ Lestats @9

Saturday: The Burning of Rome of Rome @ Soda Bar @9 $5 adv/$7 day of
AND: The Lyon Crowns @ Eleven @9 $6
AND: Renata Youngblood @ Lestats @9

Sunday: Kick back after the weekend 🙂


Keep in Mind:

March 7th- Tragic Tantrum Cabaret @ Casbah
March 8th- Everest with Red Cortez @ Casbah
March 10th- Louis XIV @ Fluxx
March 12th- San Diego IndieFest
March 13th- San Diego IndieFest
March 18th- A Scribe Amidst the Lions @ Casbah
March 20th- Devo @ Belly Up
March 29th- Fitz and the Tantrums @ Belly Up
April 3rd- A Rocket to the Moon, Valencia, and Anarbor @ Soma @630 $13 adv.
April 8th- Rise Against w/Bad Religion @ RIMAC Arena- UCSD
April 9th- Pete Yorn @ House of Blues
May 3rd- James Blunt @ Humphreys
May 6th- Chris Cornell @ Humphreys
May 6th- Fleet Foxes @ Spreckles Theater

Concert Calendar SD (Finally!)

Late again I know. My apologies. I’m finding that I have lost time to these things called books which I haven’t had much of a chance to read as of late because of school and now I’m on this thing called a break and I just don’t know what to do with myself (other than read).

Anyways, the only things of note (which is absolute importance you attend!) is The Silent Comedy pre-release show at The Casbah where they will have copies of their freshly minted cd Common Faults for the lovely price of $8. There is also a show on Thursday featuring Gregory Page at Milano Coffee Co which is also $8. Now, for the rest of the week…

Tuesday: This Providence with Anarbor and The Audition @ Soma
AND: Red Octopus @  The Casbah $5

Wednesday: Buddy Akai @ Bar Pink Free!

Thursday: Folkey Monkey feat. Gregory Page
AND:  91X Presents Alkaline Trio with Cursive, The Dear and Depatrted @ House of Blues SD $20 adv/$25 day of

Friday: The Silent Comedy Pre-Release Show @ The Casbah with Dolls and The Kicks and Links $8

Saturday: Gregory Page @ Java Joe’s
AND: Lanterns @ Tin Can Alehouse $3
AND: The Northern Lights @ House of Blues SD Free!

Sunday: EASTER!