Kristen’s ’10 Mix – Track 16 – Lakes

16. “Back In Your Head” – Lakes

I fell in love with so many new bands this year, it was hard to choose which ones would get slots on this mix. Lakes won out for several reasons. 1) I fell in love with them recently (first introduced to them in September) so this is a fresh love. 2) We interviewed the band and discovered that not only do they make beautiful music, but they are beautiful people. 3) most influentially, I saw them do an impromptu street performance for some fans that weren’t able to get into their show. One of the highlights of my year.

click here to see said street performance

~ Kristen

track 15: Egyptian
track 17: Pawnshop Roses

New Band Love: Lakes

It’s official. I am in love. I’ve only seen Lakes twice now, but they’ve managed to carve out a little place in my heart. What did it? Well, they have great tunes, the kind of energy on stage that will cross a room and lift you up off your chair, and a spirit that just seems to radiate joy and warmth. They are the kind of band you not only want to listen to, but just want to hang around.

What really cemented LAKES’ status as my new band love, however, was the impromptu mini set the band played outside before the show Weds night for some fans that couldn’t get into On the Rox. We were walking towards the venue and heard some music coming from a small circle that had gathered on the street. I saw an accordion rise above the heads and I knew who we’d find at the center of the gathering.

LAKES put on an amazing set later that night, but it was the tunes played out on the street, so raw and inspired, that were really the highlight of my evening…along with the prayer we all gathered to send up before the show that put the joy back in my heart and reminded me why I go out of my way to discover (and pass on to you) such musical treasures.

Definitely check out LAKES and their CD, The Agreement. And keep an eye on my calendar for upcoming shows!

ALSO, the band just released this video for one of my fave Lake’s songs “Back in Your Head”

Listen and Love!

~ Kristen