Kristen’s NPMT ’10 Mini Mix

As I previously mentioned, I absolutely LOVED attending North Park Music Thing (NPMT) this past weekend down in San Diego. Saturday night was especially euphoric to me as we got the unique opportunity to venue hop, sampling so many bands…and just about every single one fit on my scale somewhere between highly enjoyable and mind blowingly brilliant. So much great new music, it was overwhelming to say the least.

I was inspired to put together a new mini music mix based on the bands and artists we was able to see. Check them out!

1. EndoxiHero Master

2. Republic of Letters– “Stories”

3. The Silent Comedy– “Exploitation”

4. Delaney Gibson– “La Di Da”

5. Astra Kelly– “All I Got”

6. The Makepeace Brothers– “Breathe”

7. Shaimus – “Like a Fool”

8. Lady Danville“Spoon”

9. Citizen Band– “Slide”

10. The Rescues– “Break Me Out”

And I’m so tempted to put together another list, just of the artists I wanted to see but couldn’t fit in: Dirty Sweet, Diablo Dimas, Jake Newton, Lemon Sun, Dynamite Walls, Audra Mae, etc. etc. etc.

Bottom line: let’s do this again next year!

~ Kristen

The Rescues: Let Loose the Horses

New Music from The Rescues out today! Their new CD Let Loose the Horses was just released. In celebration ITunes is giving away their first single “Break Me Out”. This is not the first version I’ve heard of this song. I’ve actually been following The Rescues for about as long as I’ve been living in Los Angeles. This song is included in two different forms on their first CD, Crazy Ever After, but that was before the trio of Gabriel Mann, Kyler England, and Adrianne Gonzalez added Rob Giles and became a quartet.

I first saw the original trio play at The Hotel Cafe…the same night as Meiko and The Kin (it was a great evening of music). I was instantly attracted to their amazing harmonies. The more I saw the band play, the more I enjoyed them. I had also seen Rob Giles open for Carney a couple of times at Molly Malone’s and when I heard he was joining the band, I couldn’t have been more excited. What I love most about this quartet is not just their harmonies, but how they can meld four very different styles of music into a singular group. Going to see The Rescues live, there is definitely something in it for everyone.

I was disappointed for awhile when going to see them as they stopped playing many of my old favorite tunes (especially “Matter of Time” and “California Rain”). However, I eventually became equally addicted to their newer material with songs like “Can’t Stand the Rain” and “Let Loose the Horses” as particular stand outs in the live performance.  I am very excited to finally have these and their other new tunes to listen to.

If you want to give The Rescues a test spin before going out to buy the album, their CD Release party is this Friday at The Troubadour. If you live too far away, check out their free single “Break Me Out” on Itunes and watch the video below of The Rescues singing “Let Loose the Horses” at the Kelly Buchanan Benefit (you can even see me in a few shots..ha!).

Also, go check out their first CD, Crazy Ever After…it’s one of my faves…

~ Kristen