Twin Atlantic: new single, contest, and US tour dates!

This morning I was casually listening to a live internet chat with two of the members from Scottish alt rock band, Twin Atlantic. Sam (vocals) and Ross (bass) spend some time answering random questions from fans and then played a couple of tunes from their record, Free. One of the songs played was “Make a Beast of Myself” which, incidentally, is one of my favorites from the album and their newest single.  The band just released a video for this song. What’s more is that if you watch this video and can find and click on the hidden link, you’re entered into a contest to win a guitar that was used by Sam in the “Time For You To Stand Up” music video.

I think this idea for a contest is genius! Even if you don’t win the guitar, you can still get a free song download.

Here’s the video. The hint for the contest is that Sam likes to paint…


Even more exciting than the potential to win a guitar, is the guarantee to see these gents live during their upcoming US tour with AWOLNATION (another band that made my SXSW ’11 mix).  They come to LA in a little over a month! November 3rd at The Music Box.



Finally, in case you were wondering, my favorite question asked during the chat session: “What is your favorite Biffy Clyro song?”

Answer: Ross: “Bubbles” (off Only Revolutions)
Sam: “Eradicate The Doubt” (off  The Vertigo of Bliss)

There is no such thing as too much Biffy in one’s life…:)


~ Kristen

Kristen’s ’10 Mix- Track 3- Biffy Clyro

3. “Mountains” – Biffy Clyro

Anyone who has talked to me in the last 6 months knows that I am OBSESSED with Biffy Clyro. When I first saw them, I couldn’t decide what I was listening to. Their tunes can be poppy (“Bubbles”), but they play them like a metal band. The music can be so unpredictable, yet it’s still unbelievable catchy. The song “Mountains” moves me every single time. Biffy Clyro plays arenas overseas (they’re Scottish), but in LA they headlined at The Bootleg (tiny theater). There was no show I felt more privileged to be a part of. I love a lot of bands, but with Biffy Clyro, I’m head over heels. Do yourself a favor and get their CD, Only Revolutions…do it now!

go to their website to check out more of their fantastic music videos:

Some pics from Biffy Clyro’s Epicenter performance:

~ Kristen

track 2: After Midnight Project
track 4: Joe Firstman

Biffy Love: Bubbles

Biffy Clyro: I am SILL obsessed with this band. Their CD, Only Revolutions, has joined Jealousy Curve, Alright Junior, and MUTEMATH as a permanent staple in my car. The band recently released a new single for their song “Bubbles” along with some additional unreleased tracks.  Unfortunately, they will not be accompanying the release with a US tour…I will have to make do with the new video. I love this song. I love this CD. I love this band.

~ Kristen