Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 3/18-3/24

SXSW is done! I am sad. I hope you were able to catch up with our recaps. You can find out what we’ve been up to at the following links:

Once I get back, I’m aiming to put together a list and mix of my favorite SXSW artists…plus, a giant photo album that I’ll be posting here:

we head back to CA and I’m looking forward to jumping right back into the swing of things with some shows. My pick of the week would be going to the Imagine Dragons show with Nico Vega and Atlas Genius (what a line-up!!) but I don’t have a ticket to that sold out show. Instead, I’ll direct you to Tuesday night where we have a plethora of great musical options. Since Everything Everything weren’t able to be at SXSW, I think that’s where I’ll be. I’m also looking forward to both The Rubens and Finish Ticket at The Hotel Cafe Thursday night.

Here’s what else I have on my list (note: list compiled a week ago so it might not be complete, but I’ll try to update as new things come up):


Monday: Nikki Leonti at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)
ALSO: Monday Monday at Room 5 (8pm)


Tuesday: Everything Everything at The Roxy (8pm)
ALSO: Jack Carty at Room 5 (8pm)
ALSO: Ivan & Alyosha with Tall Tales and Silver Lining, and Daniel Ahearn & The Jones at The Echo (8:30)
ALSO: Sad Robot at Hemmingways (9pm)
ALSO: Parade of Lights at Bootleg Bar (10pm)
ALSO: Robert Francis, Bernhoft, Cheers Elephant at The Hotel Cafe (9, 10:30, 11:30)
ALSO: Of Verona and Y Luv at Central SAPC (8,11)
ALSO: Lianna La Havas with Jamie N Commons at The El Rey (8pm)
ALSO: Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band with Lake Street Drive at The Fonda Theatre (9pm)
ALSO: Beachwood Tuesdays FREE at The Piano Bar (8pm)


Weds: Icarus Landing with Capsolin and Bullet & Snowfox at The Viper Room (9pm)
ALSO: Joe Firstman at Saint Rocke (8:30)
ALSO: Bernhoft with Javier Dunn, Mind The Gap, and David & Devine at The Hotel Cafe (7, 9, 10)
ALSO: Nico Vega, Atlas Genius, Imagine Dragons at The Wiltern (6:30)
ALSO: Charlotte Church at The Troubadour (9:30)
ALSO: Madi Diaz and Faye at The Satellite (9pm)
ALSO: The Ten Thousand at SIlverlake Lounge (10pm)
ALSO: Lianna La Havas with Jamie N Commons at The El Rey (8pm)


Thursday: The Rubens and Finish Ticket at The Hotel Cafe (8, 11)
ALSO: Sonia Rao and Elliot Yamin at WitZend (9,10)
ALSO: Adrianne Gonzalez and Maia Sharp at Room 5 (9, 10)
ALSO: Amie Mireillo at Molly Malone’s (8:55)


Friday: Vicci Martinez, Alexz Johnson with Charlene Kaye at The Hotel Cafe (8, 9:30)
ALSO: The Record Company at The Mint (9pm)
ALSO: Badwater at Amplyfi (9:45)
ALSO: Umphrey’s McGee at House of Blues Sunset (9pm)


Saturday: Otis Heat at Central SPAC (9pm)
ALSO: Rin Tin Tiger FREE at TRiP (8pm)
ALSO: Faye and The Rudimental at The Troubadour (8:30, 10)
ALSO: Umphrey’s McGee at House of Blues Sunset (9pm)


Sunday: Janis Ian at McCabe’s (7pm)
ALSO: Sunday Lane at The Hotel Cafe (9:30)
ALSO: Jason Manns at The House of Blues Foundation Room (8pm)



To Keep in Mind:
March 25th: Dinner and a Suit at The Hotel Cafe
March 27th: Mika at The El Rey
March 27th: Milk Carton Kids at Largo
April 3rd: William Beckett at The Hotel Café
April 4th: NO at The Troubadour
April 9th: Andrew Ripp at The Hotel Café
April 16th: The Neighbourhood at The El Rey
April 17th: Lelia Broussard at The Hotel Cafe
April 18th: Little Green Cars at The Troubadour
April 20th: Tyrone Wells and Wakey!Wakey! at The Troubadour
April 23rd: The Revival Tour at The El Rey
April 26th: Chappo at The Satellite
May 2nd: Lights at The El Rey
May 2nd: Crash Kings at Saint Rocke
May 4th: The Brobecks at Amplyfi
May 7th: Tom Odell at The Troubadour
May 8th/9th: Milk Carton Kids at Largo
May 18-19th: Overture Con at The Mint
May 22nd: Youngblood Hawke at Avalon
May 29th/30th: Imagine Dragons at Hollywood Palladium
June 1st: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Wiltern
June 5th: Jewel at Saban Theatre
June 6th: Capital Cities at The El Rey
August 19th/20th: Ed Sheeran at The Staples Center

~ Kristen

Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 11/26-12/2

As the holiday party invitations start to come in, I’m reminded that it’s time to put my end of year music mix together. For those of you who don’t know, every year I make a mix of all the songs and artists that meant something to me over the year…they are usually accompanied by a story and pictures. I work on this all year round, but the hardest part is pulling it together at the end and finding the time to create and produce the final product (aka Christmas gifts!). For this year’s mix, I had the first “rough draft” done for a couple weeks ago and and I’ve since made a few tweaks, but I’m still not 100% happy with it. However, if my first party is in just a couple of weeks, I’ll need to start manufacturing soon! Or maybe I should just accept the fact that my Christmas gifts will be late…again.

And who knows, maybe there will be a show this month that will change my life and alter the mix entirely (December 6th early show at The Satellite, I’m looking at you!). There are plenty of promising options these week. Here are my picks:


Monday: The Neighbourhood at The Viper Room (10pm)
ALSO: Omniflux and Sabrosa Purr FREE at Bootleg Bar(9:30, 11:30)
ALSO: Drive He Said FREE at Silverlake Lounge (10pm)
ALSO: The Record Company FREE at The Satellite (11pm)


Tuesday: Erin McLaughlin, Matthew Mayfield, My Name is You, Harper Blynn at The Hotel Cafe (7pm)
ALSO: Deluka at Hemingway’s (10pm)
ALSO: Paul and the Kir at Molly Malone’s (9pm)
ALSO: Black Belt Karate at SIlverlake Lounge (9pm)
ALSO: Gavin Turek FREE at The Central SAPC (10pm)
ALSO: Soundgarden at The Fonda Theatre (9pm)


Weds: Terraplane Sun and Youngblood Hawke at The Roxy (8pm)
ALSO: Kita Klane, The Wellspring, Chris Stills, Armada at The Hotel Cafe (7pm)


Thursday: Joe Firstman at WitZend (8pm)
ALSO: Alex Clare at The Fonda Theatre (9pm)
ALSO: Karmin at The Troubadour (8pm)


Friday: Capsolin and Icarus Landing at The Viper Room (8,9)
ALSO: The Bolts and Capital Cities at The Roxy (8pm)
ALSO: The Mowgli’s, Selah Sue, and Walk Off The Earth at The Troubadour (8:30, 9:15, 10:10)
ALSO: Raquel Rodriguez at WitZend (10pm)


Saturday: The Milk Carton Kids and The Punch Brothers at Luckman Fine Arts Complex (8pm)
ALSO: David & Devine at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)
ALSO: The Elizabeth Kill at Molly Malone’s (10:30)
ALSO: Trixie Whitley at The Satellite (10pm)
ALSO: Elizabeth and the Catapult and Gabriel Kahane at The Mint (9:30, 10:30)


Sunday: Andrew Belle, and Tyrone Wells at Saint Rocke (7pm)
ALSO: Kate Earl at The Federal Bar (11am)



To Keep in Mind:
December 4th: Howie Day at The Hotel Cafe
December 6th: Biffy Clyro at The Satellite
December 6th: Imagine Dragons and Garbage at San Manuel Casino
December 7th: Lakes at Molly Malone’s
December 7th: Tony Lucca at The Hotel Cafe
December 8th: Boyce Avenue at Club Nokia
December 8th: KROQ Acoustic Xmas night 1
December 9th: KROQ Acoustic Xmas night 2
December 9th: The Neighbourhood at Bootleg Bar
December 11th: Atlas Genius at The Troubadour
December 11th: High Voltage Holiday Party at Silverlake Lounge
December 12th: Alt J and Wildcat Wildcat at The Fonda
December 12th: The Mountain Goats at The Masonic Lodge at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery
December 13th: The Mountain Goats at The Troubadour
December 14th: Jared Lee and Alex Band at The Viper Room
December 14th: Vanaprasta at The Satellite
December 16th: The Neighbourhood at Bootleg Bar
December 18th: Lifehouse at The Troubadour
December 20th-22nd: Camp Freddy at The Roxy
December 23rd: The Neighbourhood at Bootleg Bar
January 19th: Tyler Hilton and Teddy Geiger at The Roxy
January 23rd and 24th: Muse at The Staples Center
Feb. 9th: Ed Sheeran at Hollywood Palladium
Feb. 12th: Ellie Goulding at Hollywood Palladium
Feb. 17th: Ed Sheeran at Nokia Theatre LA Live
Feb. 28th: Matthew Perryman Jones at Bootleg Bar

~ Kristen