New Band Alert: Leogun


Leogun stormed into my life Wednesday night when they played an electrifying set at The Satellite. I don’t think this band has been around for too long (they joined facebook in April of 2012), but I’m sure it won’t take too long for their popularity to grow. They are the kind of band that demands notice. For a quick summary, their fb page gives two definitions for the term “Leogun”. The first is “a three-piece band from London, surging with a mix of blues, soul and a whole lotta rock & roll. With “bite your head off” choruses and a hunger to groove, LEOGUN mixes the musicality and heart bleeding emotion of The Racounteurs with all the sexual prowess and break-neck attitude of Queens of The Stone Age.” The second definition is “believed to be a were-lion, LEOGUN was a half man, half lion.” I think that sums up my experience of the band quite nicely.

Their debut self-titled EP comes out next week (10/16). Here are my quick thoughts on each song:

“Let’s Be Friends” – their first single, a great introduction to their rockin’ style with stand-out guitar licks, soaring yet gritty vocals, and brazen attitude all wrapped in a catchy tune.

“End of The World” – sung with abandon, it will seduce you

“You’d Better Love Me”- a blistering rock song that rightly demands the attentions of its listeners

“Everyday” – a slower-building jam that showcases the groovier side of the band but will have your head banging by the end


Here’s the band’s first official video:


Other important info to get you connected to the band:




They are currently touring around the US. Be sure to catch them if they near a city by you!


10/10/12 Los Angeles, CA The Satellite More Info
10/14/12 Phoenix, AZ Hard Rock Cafe More Info
10/17/12 Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar More Info
10/18/12 Easton, MD Nightcat More Info
10/19/2012 New York City, NY Fat Baby – CMJ Convention More Info
10/23/2012 Somerville, MA Johnny D’s Restaurant & Music Club More Info
10/31/2012 – 11/04/2012 Miami to Great Stirrup Cay Kiss Kruise II More Info
11/07/2012 Chicago, IL The Ace Bar More Info
11/08/2012 Madison , WI The Rigby More Info
11/09/2012 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry More Info
11/11/2012 Saint Louis, MO Heartbreakers Rock-N-Roll Saloon More Info
11/12/2012 Lee’s Summit, MO Jerry’s Bait Shop More Info
11/14/2012 Denver , CO Hi-Dive More Info
11/16/2012 Colorado Springs, CO Stargazers Theatre More Info
11/20/2012 Boise, ID Neurolux More Info
11/21/2012 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory Concert House More Info

Listen! Learn! Love!

~ Kristen

New Band Love: The Lumineers

At points, last night at the Hotel Cafe seemed akin to a raucous hoedown with all the enthusiastic clapping, group dancing, interactive sing-alongs, and people that just couldn’t stop smiling. The packed crowd seemed wholly transformed by what was going on around them. Even the usual chit chat in the back of the room was silenced.  The cause of such a scene was a band identified by the kick drum resting on the edge of the stage that read “The Lumineers.”

The Lumineers are a Denver-based folk rock band composed primarily of Wesley (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Jeremiah (drums), and Neyla (cello, piano, vocals, etc.). They are in the same vein as other LMN favorites like Aunt Martha, The Head and The Heart, and Mumford & Sons.  Prior to last night, I had not heard of The Lumineers save a friend’s mention on facebook, but that was enough to get me to go early to The Hotel Cafe and check them out. I got increasingly interested during the band’s set up as more and more instruments were piling onto the stage…mandolin, extra kick drum, cello, etc. etc. I was even more intrigued as the buzz of anticipation around me became palpable. So many excited fans itching to see one of their favorite bands perform. It’s not often I see this level of excitement anywhere in Los Angeles. I started to buzz as well.

The band began to play and about two songs into their somewhat lengthy set, as the musicians were hopping about the stage instrument-swapping, I completely understood what all the fuss was about.  I immersed myself into the sea of hand clapping/foot stomping revelry.  The Lumineers not only delivered on the tunes, both memorable and fun, but they also had the kind of lyrics that really stick with you, simple yet thought-provoking. Their messages ranged from the fun/ny (classy girls are not the ones you’ll be kissing in a bar) to the more serious (the opposite of love is indifference) and the music rang with such truth and sincerity, it would be difficult not to connect to it in some way.

My favorite moment of the set might have been when the entire band got off the stage and went into the audience, busker-style, to incite a massive sing-along for the song “Ho Hey.” Although, I was also quite moved by the song “Slow It Down” which is one of those tunes with lyrical depth that also has some movement, staring slow and then building up to a head nodding climax.

There was a moment of sadness in the set when we were told about the band’s recent misfortune of having some instruments and gear stolen out of their van. But aside from giving the audience extra incentive to buy some merch, the band wanted to make a point to express their joy and gratitude towards all the great people who were able to loan them equipment and instruments on such short notice (they were even able to play the night that the event happened). You could tell they were still a bit freshly scarred, but the spirits were not down and they played on with perhaps even more gusto. The band was even granted a rare and greatly deserved encore opportunity.

For more information on The Lumineers, please check out their webpage. You can get tour dates (they’re currently on a west coast tour, but will be hitting up the east coast in October), links to their social media sites, and information on their stolen instruments (spread the word!) as well as a place where you can leave a donation. This is such a great band, I really hope that they can fully recover from this incident and continue spreading the music love. They certainly have my heart.




~ Kristen

New Band Altert: The Milk Carton Kids

It’s Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale! Looks like they’ve finally made it official. This makes me very happy as I LOVE this duo. The formation of The Milk Carton Kids was just announced so don’t forget to like on facebook, follow on twitter, and check out their website.

They have a couple songs up for FREE download on their site. So, what are you waiting for? Just press “download”!

They are on tour this summer, opening for Joe Purdy. That means, The Troubadour on April 30th for all my fellow Los Angelenos. For everyone else, check out their website or just look at the dates and places below:


4/22 Austin, TX: The Parish
4/23 Dallas, TX : The Loft
4/25 Santa Fe, NM: Corazon
4/27 Phoenix, AZ : Rhythm Room
4/28 Solano Beach, CA : Bellyup Tavern
4/30 Los Angeles, CA : Troubadour
5/3 San Francisco, CA : The Independent
5/5 Portland, OR : Doug Fir
5/7 Vancouver, BC : The Rio Theater
5/9 Boise, ID : Neurolux
5/10 Salt Lake City, UT : State Room
5/12 Denver, CO : Bluebird Theater
5/14 Lawrence, KS : Bottleneck
5/15 Des Moines, IA : Vaudeville Mews
5/16 Minneapolis, MN : Varsity Theater
5/17 Milwakee, WI : Turner Hall
5/18 Chicago, IL : Lincoln Hall
5/19 St Louis, MO : Off Broadway
6/9 Birmingham, AL : WorkPlay
6/10 Atlanta, GA : The Loft
6/11 Asheville, NC : Grey Eagle
6/12 Carborro, NC : Cat’s Cradle
6/14 Annapolis, MD : Ram’s Head
6/15 Philadelphia, PA : World Café Live
6/16 New York City, NY : Highline Ballroom
6/17 Fairfield, CT : Stage One
6/20 Northampton, MA : Iron Horse
6/21 Allston, MA : Brighton Music Hall
6/22 Fall River, MA : Narrows Center for the Arts
6/23 Burlington, VT : Higher Ground
6/25 Montreal, QC : Petit Campus
6/26 Toronto, ONT : Horseshoe Tavern
6/27 Pittsburgh, PA : Rex Theater
6/28 Cleveland, OH : Beachland Ballroom
6/30 Syracuse, NY : Westcott Theater

~ Kristen


p.s. Joey and Kenneth playing “Girls, Gather Round” live at the Vail Film Festival:


Carbon Leaf at The Troubadour

Do you ever associate a particular song or band with a certain time in your life so much so that whenever you hear that song or see that band you are transported back to those days when that music meant so much to you? Well that is how I feel about the band Carbon Leaf who had a strong presence in my college days. There is one verse in particular from their song “What About Everything” that really struck a chord with that particular time and place in my life. It includes the following lines:

“…Before time takes each year, like a knife cuts it clear
It’s school, then work and then life that just sharpens the blade
I think about time for fun
I think about time for play
Then I think about being done, with no resume…”

I first discovered Carbon Leaf in 2004. Their CD, Indian Summer, was just released when I stumbled upon it during one of my Borders listening sessions. I was immediately struck by the soothing vocals and the general positive/happy vibe I picked up from the songs.  I have been following Carbon Leaf ever since. The band is from Virginia and it took a couple of years for us to be in the same city at the same time. I finally saw them in 2006 at the TLA in Philadelphia. They were on Tour with Matt Nathanson and their CD Love Loss Hope Repeat had just come out.  It was a packed house and I remember struggling to get a good view, but also being impressed that the energy from the stage could make its way all the way to where I was, piercing my soul as all my favorite songs were being performed on the stage.

Last night at The Troubadour was only the second time I’ve seen Carbon Leaf live. Being in love with a local band is amazing if you’re in the same town, but I don’t make it to Virginia all that often and I kept missing the guys when they would go on tour. However, the little family of Carbon Leaf lovers that gathered at The Troubadour for the band’s 2 hour set made me feel like I hadn’t missed a beat.  I was certainly not alone in my adoration as the band’s unique brand of Celtic/bluegrass rock (Wikipedia’s categorization) seemed to transport the entire room to a different place and time where the one commonality was music that we were all, at that moment, experiencing together.

The band played songs spanning their entire catalog including many off Indian Summer despite the fact that the record was released 6 years ago. They also played some great tunes from other records including a couple songs from Curious George 2 (to which Carbon Leaf supplied the soundtrack), and one from their forthcoming album, How the West Was One.

This upcoming album is fairly special as it marks the band’s break from their record label and return to the DIY world of music-making.  They were especially proud to announce that despite the fact that the mixing of the new album had just been completed, the songs were available that night via download cards. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who is bothered by a record label’s decision to hold material for release long after it’s completed.  This move also means that the band will have a lot more music coming out over the next year or so. They say that How the West Was One is really going to be volume 1 of 3-4…all songs that the band has written over the years while they have been east of the Mississippi.

I have yet to download the new tunes, but I wanted to get something out about the brilliance of this band before tonight’s (Thurs July 8th) show at The Belly Up in Solana Beach (right outside of San Diego). I know many people at last night’s show plan to drive down and I wish I could join them. If you’re in the San Diego area, I’d highly recommend heading over the Belly Up (a fantastic venue) and checking out Carbon Leaf.

For the rest of their tour dates:

8 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA Find Tickets
9 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Soho Restaurant and Music Club Santa Barbara, CA, us Find Tickets
10 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Cafe du Nord San Francisco, CA Find Tickets
11 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Fat Cat Music House Modesto, CA Find Tickets
12 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Harlows Restaurant and Nightclub Sacramento, CA Find Tickets
14 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Woodland Park Zoo Amphitheater Seattle, WA Find Tickets
15 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Aladdin Theater Portland, OR Find Tickets
16 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Basin Summer Sounds Free Music Fest Ephrata, WA Find Tickets
17 Jul 2010 8:00 P
East City Park Moscow, Idaho Find Tickets
18 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Knitting Factory Concert House Boise, ID Find Tickets
19 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT Find Tickets
20 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Bluebird Theater Denver, CO Find Tickets
21 Jul 2010 8:00 P
Santa Fe Brewing Company Santa Fe, NM Find Tickets
23 Jul 2010 8:00 P
The Warsaw Houston, TX Find Tickets
24 Jul 2010 8:00 P
The Aardvark Fort Worth, TX Find Tickets
4 Aug 2010 8:00 P
KELLYS OUTER BANKS Nags Head, NC, us Find Tickets
5 Aug 2010 8:00 P
KELLYS OUTER BANKS Nags Head, NC, us Find Tickets
19 Aug 2010 3:00 P
Rock and Blues Concert Cruise [Aboard the Frederick L. Nolan Jr.] Boston, MA Find Tickets
21 Aug 2010 8:00 P
Portland Music and Arts Festival Portland, ME Find Tickets


and a few more pics:

~ Kristen

Tour Alert! Civil Twilight + Paper Tongues + Neon Trees

So, when one of your new favorite bands goes on tour, you take notice, find the date in your city, and buy tickets.  When TWO of your new favorite bands decide to team up and go out on the road together…well, then you start thinking about how many of the shows you will be able to find people to road trip with you to go see! Both Civil Twilight and Paper Tongues are bands I’ve discovered and fallen in love with in the last year. I would never imagine them going on tour together as they don’t strike me as very similar…other than the fact that they both had free singles on ITunes, I can’t think of anything that would tie the bands together.

Also on the bill, Neon Trees, a band that’s been on my watch list since they did a tour with Nico Vega that never quite made it to LA. Their song “Animal”…hey…come to think of it this song was also a free ITunes download…hmm…anyway, I like it and have recently purchased their album Habits.

Point Being: They’re calling it the “Bang the Gong Tour” It starts next Saturday and It is going to be amazing. If you can, you should try to check it out.

The dates are (as listed on the Neon Trees myspace):

26 Jun 2010 7:00 P
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ Heritage Landing – Main Stage – Muskegon Summer Celebration Muskegon, Michigan Find Tickets
27 Jun 2010 7:00 P
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ Summerfest – US Cellular Connection Stage Milwaukee, WI Find Tickets
29 Jun 2010 7:00 P
30 Jun 2010 7:00 A
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ House of Blues Cleveland Cleveland, OH Find Tickets
1 Jul 2010 7:00 P
2 Jul 2010 7:00 P
8 Jul 2010 4:00 P
KXNA PRESENTS : X FEST 10TH ANNIVERSARY – Dickson Street – Entertainment District Fayetteville, ARKANSAS  
12 Jul 2010 7:00 P
13 Jul 2010 7:00 P
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ Bowery Ballroom New York City, New York  
15 Jul 2010 7:00 P
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ Common Grounds Music Festival Lansing, MI Find Tickets
16 Jul 2010 7:00 P
19 Jul 2010 7:00 P
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ Triple Rock Club Minneapolis, MN Find Tickets
20 Jul 2010 7:00 P
21 Jul 2010 7:00 P
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ Bluebird Theater Denver, CO Find Tickets
23 Jul 2010 7:00 P
24 Jul 2010 7:00 P
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ The Knitting Factory reno, nv Find Tickets
25 Jul 2010 6:00 P
BANG THE GONG TOUR w/ PAPER TONGUES + CIVIL TWILIGHT @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre Chula Vista/San Diego, CA  
27 Jul 2010 7:00 P
28 Jul 2010 7:00 P
30 Jul 2010 7:00 P


For some enticement:

~ Kristen

Carney Day!

Today is the day folks! Mr. Green Vol. I is officially out in stores, on ITunes, etc. Carney’s first full length CD has been on the precipice of release for sometime now it seems, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually happening this time. I would highly recommend everyone go out and get yourself a copy. Once again, for a taste, enjoy the video for the band’s first single, “Love Me, Chase Me” :

The release falls in the midst of a little tour…to get your taste of Carney live (trust me, you’ll love it), see if they’re coming to a town near you. And if you live in LA, I really hope you can come to The El Rey this Saturday to see the boys put on their last hometown show before heading of to NYC.

As for the rest of the dates (copied directly from Myspace):

10 May 2010 8:00 P
Casbah San Diego, California, US  
11 May 2010 8:00 P
Hotel Utah San Francisco, California, US  
13 May 2010 8:00 P
Detroit Bar Costa Mesa, US  
15 May 2010 8:00 P
El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, California, US Find Tickets
30 May 2010 8:00 P
Furthur Festival Angels Camp, US  
31 May 2010 8:00 P
Maxwells Hoboken, New Jersey, US  
1 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Bowery Ballroom New York, New York, US  
2 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub Cambridge, Massachuse, US  
3 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvan, US  
5 Jun 2010 8:00 P
The Bell House Brooklyn, New York, US  
6 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Jammin Java Music Club & Cafe Vienna, Virginia, US  
7 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Lee’s Palace Toronto, Ontario, CA  
9 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Double Door Chicago, US  
10 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, US  
12 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Bluebird Theater Denver, US  
14 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Crocodile Cafe Seattle, US  
15 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Venue Vancouver, CA  
16 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Mississippi Studios Portland, US  
22 Jun 2010 8:00 P
The Rhythm Room Phoenix, US  
24 Jun 2010 8:00 P
The Cambridge Room @ House of Blues Dallas, US  
25 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Stubbs Jr BBQ Austin, US  
26 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Walter’s on Washington Houston, US  
28 Jun 2010 8:00 P
WorkPlay Theatre Birmingham, US  
29 Jun 2010 8:00 P
Vinyl Atlanta, US


~ Kristen