LMN Presents: The Other Side of Morning-Part 2

Well ladies and gents, it’s time for the second installment of our lovely sit down with The guys from The Other Side of Morning. The more I listen the more I enjoy them. Getting to know them while making this video was just an added bonus in my book.

Check out this segment for the best “Rock Star Moment” and how the band got their name.

And don’t forget to come to the show tomorrow at the House of Blues on Sunset! It will rock!

LMN Presents…The Other Side of Morning- Part 1

I discovered The Other Side of Morning via friend recommendation. I’ve seen them several times now in various locations around LA. At their last show at The Loft (a space that serves as practice space/recording studio/art gallery/occasional bar and party space), I was accused of being addicted and…well…that’s not a difficult thing to become. Every time I see them play, I see something new. I discover a new favorite song or sound. When we were asked to do this interview I was overjoyed at the prospect of discovering even more about this new favorite band of mine.

And, in getting to know a little more about the guys, I think I fell a little more in love with the band.

So if you’re interested in how the band got its start, want to know what Beatles cover they would do, or just want to hear a bit of their music, click on the video below!

And don’t forget to come to the big show this Thursday 9pm at The House of Blues!