Show Review: Terraplane Sun at Hollywood Palladium (5/30/13)

It’s no easy task being a local supporting act for a sold out show where the majority of the audience consists of screaming and barely legally able to drink females. This was night #2 for Imagine Dragons at the Hollywood Palladium and the kind of show where the audience is so passionate about the headliner that they would just as soon skip the openers and dive
straight into the main dish. So the Venice Beach, CA five-piece Terraplane Sun had their work cut out for them when they took the stage at 7:30pm to an already packed room. That said, Ben Rothbard, Johnny Zambetti, Cecil Campanaro, Lyle Riddle, and Gabe Feenberg had no problem making  the room and the people in it their new BFFs with their Delta blues swagger and California sun. It’s as if the Doors, Johnny Cash and CSN decided to shack up, musically of course. What’s obvious is that these guys are accomplished musicians: everything from guitars to lap steel to keys to a mandolin to a trombone made an appearance during their set. What’s not so obvious is how they manage to seamlessly fuse what have to be many various tastes and influences, making vintage tones sound fresh and lively: somehow they do. Collectively they looked as comfortable on the large Palladium
stage as they do in club settings (even if you don’t know who they are, they’re hardly new to the game) and performing with a natural ease and showmanship to where, if you looked around the audience you were sure to spot a girl or two falling a little in love with at least one band member. Their set was short, but sweet and effective as they served up “Funnel of Love” and “Ya Never Know” highlighted by the lively steppers “Tell Me I’m Wrong”  (folks just loved Feenberg’s trombone solo) and their ode to going after what you want, their single “Get Me Golden.” Rothbard’s lead vocals were fortified by quality harmonies, Zambetti showed off his solid lead guitar skills, as rhythm sections go, Campanaro and Riddle were joined at the hip and Feenberg is probably that secret weapon that every band needs. When it was over, the applause and yells of approval spoke for themselves. As did the scramble for the EP’s that Rothbard tossed into the crowd.




review brought to you by our dear friend Trina N. Green (@dharma69) pictures by Trina and Kristen

Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 12/26-1/1

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!! Because it’s the holiday season, this week is a bit light on shows. I would like to think I’ll be using the time to catch up on my movie and tv watching, but I’ll most likely spend most of it catching up on work and suffering from live music withdrawal.

Saturday is New Years. If you’re going out for the evening, the only place to be is at The Roxy with Semi Precious Weapons. Here’s the promo for the show. I’ll see you there!!




Here’s the rest of what I could find:


Monday: ??


Tuesday: Beachwood Night FREE at Piano Bar (9pm)


Weds: ??


Thursday: Korey Dane at Bootleg Bar (8pm)


Friday: Keaton Simons at WitZend in Venice (9:30)
ALSO: Red Circle Underground at O’Briens (9:30)
ALSO: Unwritten Law at The Roxy (8pm)


Saturday: Semi Precious Weapons et al at The Roxy (7:30)


Sunday: Happy 2012!




To Keep in Mind:
January 6th: The Lumineers at The Hotel Cafe
January 10th: Dead Sara at The Troubadour
January 12th: Milk Carton Kids at The Largo
January 17th: The Silent Comedy at The Roxy
January 19th: Civil Twilight at Bootleg Bar
January 19th: Zane Carney at The Hotel Cafe
January 29th: Tyrone Wells at Saint Rocke
January 31st: Atomic Tom at Bootleg Bar
Feb. 2nd: Mutemath at Club Nokia
Feb. 8th: Marketa Irglova at The Hotel Cafe
Feb. 14th: Twin Atlantic and You Me at Six at The Troubadour
Feb. 17th: Ryan Adams at The Hollywood Bowl
Feb. 19th: The Darkness at House of Blues Sunset
March 9th: William Fitzsimmons at The Troubadour
March 13th-18th: SXSW (Austin, TX)
March 18th: Dia Frampton at The Troubadour
March 24th: Ani DiFranco at The Orpheum Theater
March 24th: Allen Stone at The Troubadour

~ Kristen!/_localmusicnat

Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 11/28-12/4

Well, I had a delightful Thanksgiving full of adventures down in San Diego. It actually felt like a holiday which is a rare thing for me. I’m not really looking forward to facing my massive to do list tomorrow, but I am quite excited about this week’s show schedule. My beloved LA rockers, After Midnight Project, are doing their first show in what seems like years Monday night in North Hollywood at The Federal Bar. Another highlight is Tuesday when songstress Rachel Yamagata comes to The Troubadour to regale us with tunes from her fantastic new record, Chesapeake. For my complete list of shows I’d recommend, just keep reading:


Monday: After Midnight Project FREE at The Federal Bar (10pm)
ALSO: Chris Bathgate at Molly Malone’s (10pm)
ALSO: Chasing Kings, Vanaprasta, Voxhual Broadcast FREE at The Satellite (9pm)…last night of Vanaprasta’s residency (you read our interview, right?)
ALSO: Rhett Miller at Largo (8pm)
ALSO: Driftwood Singers and Little Hurricane FREE at Bootleg Bar (10,11)
ALSO: Sting at The Wiltern (8pm)
ALSO: It’s a School Night at Bardot featuring Milo Greene and Incan Abraham FREE with RSVP (10pm)
ALSO: Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 featuring Garrison Starr, Adrianna, Dawn Thomas, and Maia Sharp (9pm)


Tuesday: Rachel Yamagata at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: Wires in the Walls, The Californian FREE at On the Rox (9pm)
ALSO: George Stanford at The Foundry on Melrose (8pm)
ALSO: SONOS at Bootleg Bar (9pm)
ALSO: Races and Kiev at The Central (10,11)
ALSO: Fat City Reprise at Molly Malone’s (11:15)
ALSO: Beachwood Night FREE at Piano Bar featuring Johnny Moezzi at midnight (8pm)


Weds: Empire at The Mint (11pm)
ALSO: The Watkins Family Hour at Largo (8pm)
ALSO: Jake Newton at The Hotel Cafe (8pm)


Thursday: Hurricane Bells with Shadow Shadow Shade at The Satellite (9pm)


Friday: Camp Freddy at The Roxy (8pm)
ALSO: Fair to Midland at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: Allen Stone at The Echo (10pm)
ALSO: Keaton Simons at WitZend in Venice (9:30)
ALSO: The Janks at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)
ALSO: Fences at The Echoplex (9pm)
ALSO: Priscilla Ahn at The El Rey (8pm)
ALSO: Saint Motel at Origami Vinyl (8pm)


Saturday: KCRW’s Holiday Show at The Orpheum Theater featuring Brett Dennn, Iron and Wine, Belle Brigade, White Denim, etc. (7:45)
ALSO: The Ataris acoustic performance at The Airliner (9pm)
ALSO: Beverly McClellan at The Mint (11pm)
ALSO: David and Devine at Molly Malone’s (10pm)
ALSO: Beady Eye at The Wiltern (8pm)


Sunday: Maniac acoustic set at Bellejar Vintage (8pm)
ALSO: Taylor Locke and the Roughs at The Satellite (10pm)



To Keep in Mind:
December 6th: The Postelles and Maniac at Bootleg Theater
December 9th: Camp Freddy at The Roxy
December 9th: Stephen Kellogg and Jon McLaughlin at The Key Club
December 9th: Camp Fredd at The Roxy
December 9th: The Belle Brigade at McCabe’s
December 12th: High Voltage Holiday Party at On the Rox
December 14th: Deas Vail at The Roxy
December 16th: Camp Freddy at The Roxy
December 16th: Oh Land at The El Rey
December 16th: Chris Cornell at The Orpheum Theater
December 16th: Hotel Café Christmas Party night 1
December 17th: Hotel Café Christmas Party night 2
December 17th: Tori Amos at The Orpheum Theater
December 18th: Tori Amos at The Orpheum Theater
December 23rd: Camp Freddy at The Roxy
January 12th: Milk Carton Kids at The Largo
January 31st: Atomic Tom at Bootleg Bar
Feb. 2nd: Mutemath at Club Nokia
March 9th: William Fitzsimmons at The Troubadour
March 13th-18th: SXSW (Austin, TX)
March 24th: Ani DiFranco at The Orpheum Theater

~ Kristen!/_localmusicnat