Kristen’s ’10 Mix – Track 15 – Egyptian

15. “Colorblind” – Egyptian

check out the song (and others) here

Lots of exciting things happened in the Nico Vega universe this year. I had the crazy amazing opportunity to be an extra in Nico Vega’s  music video for “Gravity”, their Halloween show “Witch Hunt” included the most dramatic opening for “Beast” ever seen, and they started releasing new music (well, covers of old music, but still). The lead singer of Nico Vega, Aja Volkman, started a side project this year with the singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds. They call themselves Egyptian. They are also fantastic. I immediately fell in love with them and especially their song “Colorblind”

Instead of burdening you with my hundreds of Nico Vega pictures, I’ll just entertain you with some Egyptian videos…let the extreme cuteness unfold…

~ Kristen

track 14: The Academy Is…
track 16: Lakes

“Oh No” More Queen Caveat

I would never complain about more music from my newest fave LA band, Queen Caveat. They recently did an acoustic version of their tune “Oh No” for Beta Records. I love this band!

If you don’t have their EP, Emptor, you should check it out!

Also, come see them play live October 28th at The Roxy as part of Nico Vega’s Halloween Witch Hunt. Also featuring Saint Motel and Imagine Dragons.  

~ Kristen