Song of the Day: “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham

Since its release, I’ve been listening to a lot of Hugo’s Old Tyme Religion. It’s a great CD and I’ve been enjoying it…but driving into work the other day, my roommate and I made the decision that the general tone of the album was just too positive for our current state. Posing questions like “what in the world were you born to do” was just too much…
I needed to find a song that more accurately reflected my current outlook on life. I flipped through my Ipod until I landed on this song. Tracy Bonham’s “Mother Mother” fit so perfectly I put it on repeat.  Tracy may scream “everything’s fine” but we all know what she really means. Plus, it’s highly cathartic to join in.

I’ve seen The Veronicas do a version of this song live. Jess does a fine job with the screaming…



~ Kristen


  1. Greg · November 30, -0001

    Tracy Bonham is cool as balls. Met her when she was touring with BMG several years ago. So much killer material, shame she didn’t get bigger.

  2. Micelle · April 27, 2011

    Love that song- sums up the feelings of any LA transplant 😉

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