Nico Vega

So tonight is a really fantastic show at The Casbah and while I can’t go, you should go and enjoy it for me! My other music half is driving down from LA just for the night for this show!! Nico Vega always puts on an impressive show (I remember Kristen telling me that after the show was done, Rich the guitarist threw an amp on his guitar!) and Aja has a beautiful voice to boot. Now, while you think I might just be saying that, let me remind you that I was an extra in the music video shoot for Gravity and we got a free show of sorts and her voice is better live than on the recording. If you have no idea what video I’m talking about go here.

When you fall in love with them like I have you can find them on their official website that has all sorts of goodies and will connect you to their Facebook and Myspace pages (or you can just click the links I gave you). Go and enjoy the show for me and I’ll pretend that I’m not stuck here at school until 10:30 tonight.