Aiden Moore Ep Release


A MUCH needed break from life lead me to Molly Malone’s tonight for my friend Aiden Moore’s EP release.  It was soul-affirming music…the kind that I grew up listening to. He even covered one of my fave Simon & Garfunkel tune’s “Kathy’s Song”. I would advise everyone to check out Mr. Moore ( and the Good As New ep. I was also more than pleasantly surprised by the openers, Kris Karlsson ( ) and Abbot Kinney ( I spoke to Jason Swanson, of Abbot Kinney, after the show and apparently their sound is usually quite different (more rock and less acoustic). I can’t imagine anything better than what I heard tonight, but I look forward to being able to hear their electric set as well as their forthcoming debut album which I’m told is in the works.  So many fantastic new artists to keep our eyes and ears open for…this is exciting!

~ Kristen