Friday Night

Last night was Nico Vega at the El Ray and there really aren’t enough words to some up what an amazing experience it was. It was the last show of the tour (edit: I stand corrected. They are off to SF next which is the last spot of the tour) so of course it was extra special and extra fun. The only problem I have with seeing Nico Vega is that they never seem to play long enough. It was a great show with old songs and new as well as some great intros into our favorite tunes.

I think on of the highlights of the night was a closing song done with The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Nico Vega ended up on stage playing maracas and tambourines as rowdy and as loud as possible with Aja and Rich ending up on the floor a few times. I’d love to post some pictures but as Kristen already posted pictures from the other show and my camera battery is dead, such exploits will have to wait for Kristen to go through her photos from the night.

For all you SD folks, I wish I know of some shows going on down there. Offhand, I know that Moving Units is playing at the Casbah and I have yet to see a bad show there. If all else, check the Reader and Citybeat for some cues as to what to see. I promise next week to have something better for you.