Kristen's LA weekly concert calendar: 3/1-3/7

Alright folks, it’s finally happened! Thanks to my musical partner in crime, Amanda, I have a blog! Amanda and I are working on it together (AKA she is doing most of the work…and I’m just posting my musical musings). The blog is entitled Local Music Nation. The goal of this project of ours is to eventually morph the blog into a full blown website where people can post about their favorite local bands based on region (this is how I’ve always classified bands).  And then other people can easily find good shows to go to when they travel (something I always struggle with) or just discover great new bands before they get too big. For now, we’re just covering LA and SD…and whatever other places and groups we happen to be inspired by.  

We’re still messing around with formats and such and learning the basics of how to be a blogger. We are leaning towards using Tumblr (you can post mp3s on it for free) vs. WordPress (a bit easier on the eyes and, in my opinion, more flexible), but for now have both running.

So, please check out our sites and let us know what you think. Any comments, suggestions, helpful tips would be much appreciated. From now on, this email will be posted on our blog (but don’t worry, I still plan on sending it to your inbox as well). But if you want more up to date information, concert reviews, info on bands I’m obsessing over or songs that are inspiring me…you should check out the blog on a more regular basis! Also, if you ever find yourselves journeying down to San Diego, Amanda will have all your musical needs covered.

So, check this out:

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And onto the events of this week. Here’s what I’ve got planned:

Monday: Paris Carney at Room 5 (8pm)

ALSO: Aimee Miriello at Molly Malone’s  (10pm)

ALSO: Ari Hest at The Hotel Café (8pm)

Tuesday: Lucy Woodward at The Hotel Café (9pm)

ALSO: The Hounds Below and Miranda Lee Richards at Spaceland (10pm)

Weds: Vienne at Molly Malone’s (8:30)

ALSO: Austin Hartley-Leonard and Amber Rubarth at The Hotel Café (9,10)

ALSO: Keaton Simons at Room 5 (9:30)

ALSO: Pawnshop Kings at The Roxy (8pm)

ALSO: Beachwood Rocker’s Society at Crane’s

Thursday: Joey Ryan, Jim Bianco, and Honeyhoney at The Hotel Café (8,9,10)

ALSO: Purple Melon at The Mint (10pm)

ALSO: Mike Doughty at The Troubadour (9pm)

Friday: Bell X1 and Truth & Salvage Co. at The Hotel Café (9,10)

ALSO: Adam H. Stephens (from Two Gallants) at The Troubadour (8pm)

ALSO: The Bird & the Bee at The El Rey (8pm)

Saturday: Curtis Peoples at The Mint (9pm)

ALSO: Killswitch Engage at The Wiltern (8pm)

ALSO: Paris Carney at Molly Malone’s (9pm)

ALSO: Opus Dai and Visa at The Troubadour (10pm)

ALSO: Joe Henry at Largo at The Coronet (8pm)

ALSO: Benefit show at The Echoplex featuring The Submarines and Thao Nguyen (noon)

Sunday:  The Academy Awards!!

To Keep in Mind:

March 9th and 10th: Manchester Orchestra at The Troubadour

March 11th and 12th: The Silent Comedy and Transfer at The Casbah

March 11th: Joey Ryan and Melissa Ferrick at The Hotel Café

March 27th: San Diego Indie Fest featuring Metric

March 27th/28th: Bamboozled Left featuring Something Corporate and AFI

April 9th: Lights and Owl City at Club Nokia

April 16th: George Stanford CD release at The Hotel Café

April 16th-19th: Coachella

June 10-13th: BONNAROO


  • “Eve, the Apple of My Eye”- Bell X1
  • “I Just Want The Girl In The Blue Dress to Keep on Dancing” – Mike Doughty  


~ Kristen

p.s. if you still haven’t checked this out, please do:  (and look for me!)