Kristen’s ’11 Mix – Track 13 – Vanaprasta

13. “Nine Equals Nine” – Vanaprasta

The best night to go out in Los Angeles is Monday night. So many great shows and most of them are free. Venues like The Satellite (formally Spaceland) and Silverlake Lounge had some pretty choice Monday night residencies this year. Taylor Locke and The Roughs, Youngblood Hawke, Big Black Delta, Indians, etc. Vanaprasta at The Satellite was one of the residencies I enjoyed the most. It centered around the release of their album, Healthy Geometry, which has been getting quite a bit of play in my stereo. LMN also started doing a feature this year called The Band Exam and Vanaprasta was one of our willing participants.

~ Kristen

And then this happened…The Foo Fighters at Spaceland!

This morning I woke up a bit on the sore side. And not just I overdid it in yoga sore…more like I just went snowboarding for the first time sore (it seriously hurts to walk)…I also have some nice little bruises, can’t really hear anything, and am suffering from a condition my friend accurately described as “brain pain”. I posted on my facebook wall that I think The Foo Figthers broke me and this may not be far from the truth.

Yesterday started like most any other. Then shorty after my noontime seminar, I received a call from a friend informing me that there was going to be another secret Foo Fighters show that evening. I had been aware of the series of last minute, small club shows The Foo Fighters had been playing in the area and knew several people to have gone and exclaim their awesomeness. I had always been a casual fan of The Foo Fighters but thought that this would be my chance to finally see them live and really understand what all the clamor was about. As I hung up the phone, I thought to myself “Tonight’s show is MINE!”.

I did some investigation which lead me to believe the show would be in Silverlake, most likely Spaceland (now The Satellite) which had a conspicuously empty calendar for the evening. Even though it was early afternoon, I thought it’d be best to position myself closer to the venue so I hopped in the car and jetted across town. My suspicions seemed confirmed when I arrived at The Satellite to a large vehicle in which several men were loading empty instrument cases. I hunkered down for what I thought was going to be a long afternoon of reading and waiting. Then we were informed that although the show was going to be at that location, wrist bands were to be handed out elsewhere…an undisclosed location somewhere in the vicinity. I realized that the quest for The Foo Fighter tickets had just begun!

Over the next several hours I met up with friends, made some new ones, placed phone calls, and did internet searches (thank God for smart phones and GPS systems). When we received a twitter clue about a pizza place, I crammed into a complete stranger’s car and took off to investigate the most likely locations. After more phone calls and interviews, several slices of pizza, plenty of wrong turns, hikes up hills (it’s always up), and twitter updates we landed at Two Boots next door to The Echoplex where a line had already begun to form.

We got to The Echoplex just about the same time as some pictures of “space” were released on The Foo Fighters twitter page. Between the mysterious pictures (certainly meant to direct people to Spaceland) and a radio broadcast telling people to come to The Echoplex, I was unsure that we were in the right location. Until I saw the limo.

Once wrist bands were secured, the rest was a breeze!  Since there were only 200 people to get tickets, getting into the venue wasn’t crazy at all. We made our way up to the front of the room and readied ourselves for what we knew was going to be an epic set. The openers were a punk band for which Dave Grohl used to drum called Scream. I don’t think I would ever choose to go see this band, but being up front it was impossible not to get into it…although I wasn’t enjoying the set quite as much as Mr. Grohl who kept peeking out from behind the curtain and banging on some drums. The highlight of the Scream set, for me, was when lead singer, Peter Stahl, effortlessly threw his microphone up and around some pipes in the ceiling (I know from experience this is NOT easy).

The Scream set also gave me a tiny taste of what the crowd would be like for the main act. I braced myself for madness and as The Foo Fighters came out and began to play, the madness did descend. They started the set by playing their entire new album. I was so blown away by it all and being so close I’m fairly sure I spent most of this bit with my jaw on the ground. There were several songs that I know will know have the potential to become hits and I found myself singing along to many of them by the end.

someone snagged a snippet of one of my fave new Foo songs

The played the new album almost as one very long song. At the end of that portion of the set they finally stopped to breath, chatting with the audience before launching into the second portion of their set, a collection of Foo Fighter hits. I didn’t realize I knew so many of their tunes. Song after song I kept exclaiming “I love this one!!”. The audience loved it too. As enthusiastic as they were before, the front quickly became an almost dangerous mosh pit. People were being bandied about as others jumped around pumping their fists wildly in the air attempting to get closer to the stage. For those of us at or near the stage, it became much like a sardine can. At one point, I swear I could have lifted up both of my feet and still not have fallen down I was wedged in so tightly.

By the end of the night I had been kicked, punched, elbowed and knocked on the head numerous times (including once by Dave Grohl’s guitar). But never once did that smile leave my face.  The Foo Fighters have this amazing ability to make every song a fist-pumping, head rocking, anthemic masterpiece. It’s impossible not to be moved by the music and impressed by their musicianship. Being able to see a band like this so close and really watch them play song after song for 2+ hours was a mind blowing experience that will certainly hold a place in my top concerting experience…

If only I had my camera. These pics on my phone will have to do.

I think everything I love about this band is somehow captured in this song:

someone caught Dave’s mid-set rant

~ Kristen

Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 1/13-1/19

I’m still feeding of the epicness that was The Black Crowes at The Palladium Saturday night. Being at the rail for the extra long (was it really three hours?) final set was an intense experience I won’t soon forget…and I’m not just saying that because I think that the incense they were burning on stage has permanently affixed itself deep inside my nostrils.

Hopefully the Palladium show, which also featured personal favorites Truth & Salvage Co.  was just an indicator of what is to come. With the quarter ending (and my evenings becoming less burdened) and with all the fantastic shows on the menu (AMP! Nico Vega!! Hotel Cafe holiday party!!!) I’ve got a fantastic feeling about this week!

Here’s what else is cooking:

Monday: Garrison Starr and The Rescues at The Hotel Cafe (8,9:30)
ALSO: Princeton and Hands FREE at The Echo (8:30)
ALSO: Little Red Radio at The Key Club (8:30)
ALSO: Michael Buble at The Staples Center (8pm)…this is in honor of my college roommate…
ALSO: Paris Carney and Songwriters in the Round featuring Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale at Room 5 (8,9)|
ALSO: It’s a School Night at Bardot featuring Belle Brigade and Sonos (10pm) 

Tuesday: After Midnight Project at The Key Club (7pm)
ALSO: The Rescues at The Hotel Cafe (9:30)
ALSO: Honeyhoney at Bootleg (10pm)
ALSO: Tame Impala at The Echoplex (8:30)
ALSO: Satellite Holiday Party at Spaceland (8:30) 

Weds: Justin Jones and Badly Drawn Boy at The Troubadour (9,10)
ALSO: Ari Shine and The White Buffalo at The Mint (9:30)
ALSO: Low at Spaceland (9pm)
ALSO: Adam Lambert at The Music Box (8pm) 

Thursday: Justin Jones and Badly Drawn Boy at The Troubadour (9,10)
ALSO: Brian Wright and Jessie Cole at The Hotel Cafe (9,10)
ALSO: Keaton Simons and Lovers Drugs at Genghis Cohen (8,9:30)
ALSO: Adam Lambert at Club Nokia (8pm)
ALSO: Nico Vega at The Slidebar in Fullerton…totally worth the trip outside LA 

Friday: Hotel Cafe Holiday party featuring The Weepies, Butch Walker, Cary Brothers, and SO many more (7pm)ALSO: 8mm at The Viper Room (9pm)
ALSO: Camp Freddy at The Roxy (11pm) 

Saturday: Fat City Reprise, The Shakers, Red Circle Underground at The Viper Room (10,11,12)
ALSO: Hotel Cafe Holiday party featuring Tyler Hilton, Keaton Simons, Lelia Broussard, and SO many more (7pm)

Sunday: holiday party/Love Actually viewing… 

To Keep in Mind:
January 7th: Scarlet Grey at The Roxy
January 9th: Bonnie Dune at The Roxy
January 20th: Nikka Costa at The Roxy
January 22nd: Guster at The Music Box
January 28th: Free Energy at The Roxy  
Feb 9th: Tina Dico at The Troubadour
Feb 16th: Nicole Atkins at The Troubadour
March 1st: Biffy Clyro at The Troubadour 

~ Kristen

Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 12/6-12/12

Tonight marked the final performance of LMN mainstays, Mississippi Man. I first saw this band play with Get Back Loretta at The Bootleg. I thought they were good. The thing about Mississippi Man, however, is that every time I’ve seen them since, they’ve gotten better and better. They came back from a tour with The Silent Comedy in particularly good form. I’m sure that tonight, their final performance, was their absolute best. But I am sad that I will not get the opportunity to continue to watch them grow and improve. If you haven’t already, you should check out their most recent record, A-OK. Mississippi Man will be missed.

Let’s focus on the flip side of seeing a great band’s last performance; seeing your new favorite band play for the first time. In remembrance of Mississippi Man, let’s make it a point this week to discover some new amazing music. If you need some guidance, might I suggest the following (and there are PLENTY of options this week):

Monday: IO Echo and Haim FREE at The Echo (9pm)
ALSO: The Rescues and Raining Jane at The Hotel Cafe…week two of The Rescues’ winter residency (9:30, 10:30)
ALSO: Jonathan Clark at Molly Malone’s (9pm)
ALSO: Whispering Pines FREE at Spaceland (9pm)
ALSO: It’s a School Night at Bardot featuring Grouplove and The 88…RSVP at 

Tuesday: Eastern Conference Champions Record Release at The Hotel Cafe (9:30)
ALSO: Rob Crow (of Pinback) at Spaceland (10pm)
ALSO: Kitten at The Echo (9pm)
ALSO: Edie Cary at Genghis Cohen (8pm)
ALSO: Street Drum Corps at The Roxy (10pm) 

Weds: So & So at The Hotel Cafe (10pm)
ALSO: Assemble the Skyline at The Mint (10pm)
ALSO: Maren Parusel at The Silverlake Lounge (9pm)
ALSO: Natalie Cole at Walt Disney Concert Hall (8pm) 

Thursday: Scars on 45, Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale, Taylor Locke & The Roughs at The Hotel Café (8,9,11)
ALSO: The Janks at Bootleg Theater (11pm)
ALSO: Aimee Mann’s Christmas show at Largo (8pm) 

Friday: Sabrosa Purr, Darling Stilettos, and Camp Freddy at The Roxy (9pm)
ALSO: Mike Doughty at Bootleg Theater (10pm)
ALSO: Kina Grannis at The El Rey
ALSO: NEEDTOBREATHE and The Daylights at The Musicbox
ALSO: The Dandy Warhols at Club Nokia
ALSO: Warpaint at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: A Silent Film at The Viper Room (10:30)
ALSO: Aimee Mann’s Christmas show at Largo (8pm) 

Saturday: Truth and Salvage Co. and The Black Crowes at Hollywood Palladium…The Black Crowes FINAL LA show
ALSO: Rockdrive 2010 featuring Aqualung, Cary Brothers, Rocco Delucca, Lady Danville, Joey and Kenneth, Chris Pierce, Terra Naomi, Raining Jane, etc. at The Troubadour (7pm)
ALSO: The Other Side of Morning at The Loft (midnight)
ALSO: Roses Pawn Shop at The Hotel Cafe (10pm)
ALSO: Los Sindicate at The Viper Room (10pm)
ALSO: Aimee Mann’s Christmas show at Largo (8pm)                    

Sunday: Marie Digby at The Hotel Cafe (9:30)
ALSO: Warpaint at The Troubadour
ALSO: Aimee Mann’s Christmas show at Largo (8pm)                                                                                        

To Keep in Mind:
December 14th: After Midnight Project at The Key Club
December 17th-19th: The Hotel Cafe Christmas Party
December 18th: Fat City Reprise, The Shakers, and Red Circle Underground at The Viper Room
January 22nd: Guster at The Music Box
Feb 9th: Tina Dico at The Troubadour
Feb 16th: Nicole Atkins at The Troubadour
March 1st: Biffy Clyro at The Troubadour 

~ Kristen

Queen Caveat at The Viper Room 11/16/10

This week has definitely been a good week for music. One of my favorite shows was Queen Caveat at The Viper Room.  Tuesday night, after catching The Lonely Forest at Spaceland, I sprinted to the Viper Room to see one of my very fave LA bands, Queen Caveat. I got to the venue in time to see the last 2-3 songs of Har Mar Superstar. For those of you who know nothing of Har Mar Superstar, I’d highly recommend you check the spectacle out. As for my thoughts…well I’m still processing. I’m not fully sure I’ve registered all that I saw up there on that stage.

But most of that was forgotten as soon as the Queen Caveat set began. It only took the first few notes of “In My Bed” to have me whisked away to that happy place I tend to find myself in when listening to my favorite music performed live. I stayed in said happy place for the remainder of the set, which included several of my fave QC songs including a newer song called “Bullet” that I’ve had in my head ever since it was performed at Nico Vega’s Witch Hunt. They also brought the house down with a brilliant cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” which you really just have to see.

The night ended, as they so often do, standing around outside The Viper Room. I managed to snag a Queen Caveat set list and got the band to sign it so that one day I’ll be able to say “I knew them when”.

If you want to get to know them too, as you should, check out their EP “Emptor” on ITunes and keep up with my concert calendar as I try not to miss a Queen Caveat show.

~ Kristen

as for a clip from the Har Mar Superstar set that night…before the pants came off…

The Lonely Forest at Spaceland

If you recall The Lonely Forest made my SXSW ’10 mix. Tuesday night, however, marked the first time I had the opportunity to see them perform. I must say, I loved them before based solely on their tune “We Sing in Time.” But now, they are verging on new favorite band territory. Their live show was an unexpectedly rockin’ treat full of energy and even more songs that are going straight on my monthly music mix. The Lonely Forest hails from Anacortes, Washington. According to their song “I Don’t Want to Live There,” they won’t be moving to LA anytime soon, but they say they’ll be back come February.  In preparation for their return, I’ll be listening to The Lonely Forest EP on repeat. You should check it out!

~ Kristen

Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 11/15-11/21

Just got done grading a seemingly infinite number of exams…plus a few quizzes. Aside from two musical interludes, that’s all I’ve been up to all weekend. As for the interludes, tonight was The Elizabeth Kill at The Mint and Saturday was Philadelphia goes LA, hanging out with other Philly area natives and checking out some bands with Philly roots (Terrible Things at The El Rey and The Shakers at The Cat Club). All in all, I just can’t believe the weekend is coming to a close!

But as one week ends, another begins. And what a fantastic line-up of shows this week. Greatness, in the form of SD band The Silent Comedy, returns to LA this week Thursday at The Echo. I’m also really excited about The Lonely Forrest, a band that made my SXSW ’10 mix but that I’ve never seen. Plus Queen Caveat, Fitz and the Tantrums, Freelance Whales, Dynamite Walls…I’m exhausted already! Some tough choices will have to be made this week.

Maybe you can help. Here’s what I’m contemplating…

Monday: Chasing Kings FREE at The Silverlake Lounge (11pm)
ALSO: Paris Carney and Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 (8,9) 

Tuesday: The Lonely Forest at Spaceland (8:30)
ALSO: Queen Caveat at The Viper Room (11:15)
ALSO: Val Emmich at The Hotel Café(8pm) 

Weds: AWOLNATION and Fitz and The Tantrums at The El Rey (8pm)
ALSO: Mayday Parade at The House of Blues Sunset (10pm)           
ALSO: Tyler Hilton at The Roxy (10pm)
ALSO: Kate Miller Heidke and Terra Naomi at The Hotel Cafe (7,8)
ALSO: Natasha Bedingfield at The Troubadour (7pm) 

Thursday: The Silent Comedy at The Echo (8:30)
ALSO: Miniature Tigers and Freelance Whales at The Troubadour (9,10)
ALSO: Jack’s Mannequin/Something Corporate and Matt Nathanson at The El Rey (7pm)
ALSO: Joshua Radin at The Music Box (10pm) 

Friday: Dynamite Walls at The Viper Room (11pm)
ALSO: Chris Pierce at The Hotel Cafe (11pm)
ALSO: Avi Buffalo at The Echo (10pm) 

Saturday: Lelia Broussard RECORD RELEASE at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)
ALSO: Teddy Geiger at Spaceland (10pm)
ALSO: Abbot Kinney at The Mint (9pm) 

Sunday: Dar Williams at The Hotel Cafe (8pm)
ALSO: Eisley at The El Rey (10pm) 

To Keep in Mind: 
November 21st and 22nd: Dar Williams at The Hotel Café
December 1st: Eve 6 at The Troubadour
December 2nd: Scarlet Grey at The Troubadour
December 4th: Joe Firstman at Saint Rocke
December 11th: The Black Crowes and Truth & Salvage Co. at Hollywood Palladium
January 22nd: Guster at The Music Box 

~ Kristen