The Silent Comedy, Transfer, and The Two Night Stand

I came up with that catchy title on my way home from work today with the intention of writing about the fabulousness of said two night stand at The Casbah and have since found myself unable to write. I think it is perhaps because I am still experiencing a post show high. You know that feeling you get when you feel like you are walking on clouds, nothing can possibly go wrong, and you can’t stop smiling all day? Yeah, I’m still there.

To say each night was great and both nights were even better is nothing short of a gross understatement. On Wednesday night Transfer played with such gusto that it was hard to ignore the sight of their friends and fans singing along with smiles on their faces moving to the sweet music that was being played to us. The crowd was small for a Casbah show and had an almost intimate feeling which was a nice change of pace. The Silent Comedy closed the night with such swagger that I thought it would be hard for them to top themselves the following night. They played some old favorites such as Daisy and Beware but also had a healthy mix of new songs that will be on the upcoming record. The night closed with a new and unnamed song which had us all singing along and the guys of Transfer up on stage playing any available instrument.

Let me tell you, after that night, all the pressures and stresses of my life seemed to melt away and I had a smile on that had been gone for some time. Sometimes a person needs nothing more than a great show with friends to be energized. The next thing I knew it was Thursday and my musical half Kristen had driven down from LA to attend the 2nd night of this show.

Now, whoever said less is more obviously didn’t know good music or ever attend a fantastic show because the more the better. This is my humble opinion at least. The Thursday show was even better than the Wednesday show! Both bands played to a sold out crowd which I felt glad to be a part of. The Silent Comedy played a set similar to the night before including ‘49, Poison, Bartholomew, and The Well but included a few different ones to keep things interesting. The energy they played with was nothing short of passionate and that was apparent in Roadsong (which is my favorite!). Transfer closed the night with a fabulous set different from the night before. They ate up the stage and danced around (very similarly to The Silent Comedy). The crowd was so thick it seemed near impossible to get through and people kept filtering in from all over, packing the standing room space. I didn’t think it was possible to keep breathing so Kristen and I made a quick exit to the outside where we could not only breathe but hear Transfer and watch their friends and fans sing along. It was a beautiful sight to see.

I didn’t think it was possible for my smile to get any bigger than it did on Wednesday night and I was proved wrong. I don’t like to be wrong often but I was this time and am very glad for it! In case you missed on the fun, Josh and Jeremiah will be playing an acoustic show tomorrow night at Voyeur downtown during the dinner special. Check it out. I’ll be there!

Also. keep an eye out for upcoming shows! The Silent Comedy had a record release on April 2nd at The Casbah and there are talks of a Silent Comedy, Transfer and Dirty Sweet show in May.

It’s now time for some Get Back Loretta fun at Soma. Until next time my loves.