I’ve Been Searching My Soul Tonight

The other day I ran across season 1 of Ally McBeal at Target and I bought it. I’ve since watched season 1  and half of season 2 (I’m waiting to finish it after April 6th when it officially comes out on DVD).  I used to watch this show back when it aired and re-watching it, I remember why I loved it so much…bells, frogs, anything that went down in that unisex bathroom, and yes, dancing babies…it’s quirky fantasticness! It’s also interesting being a tad older (nearing the same age as Ally in season 1!), the perspective I have on the issues and the characters has changed (quite a bit in some cases). But one thing that has remained is how much I LOVE how this show uses its music.  The presence of songstress Vonda Shepard in just about every episode as the herald of Ally’s thoughts and emotion is simply genus. Not to mention how the characters themselves relate to song (Ally’s theme songs, the use of Barry White). White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” became one of my favorite songs after this show…I can still do parts of John’s bathroom dance. Just about any song from this show has emotional significance to me and it’s because the songs are incorporated into the storylines so well. This is the perfect example of how to effectively use music in a television show. The songs aren’t simply laid on top of some montage like another layer in the editing room. Instead, they are integrally woven into the very fabric of the show. They cannot simply be taken out or interchanged as the music IS the show.  And that’s why I love it!

Now, I feel we should all take a moment here and contemplate the brilliance of Ally McBeal and its music (*puts hand over nose*).

~ Kristen