Kristen’s SXSW ’10 Mix- Part 1

It took a bit longer than I’d hoped…and wasn’t quite as exhaustive as last year (mostly due to the lack of free mp3s on the SXSW site), BUT here it is…some of my fave “new” acts discovered from SXSW 2010…okay some of these acts I already knew and loved, but I just don’t feel that you are quite there with me yet so I decided to include them.

Also, I’ve decided to spread the love and broke my list down into several, more digestable posts full of exciting videos and music.  Enjoy!

  1. “You’ve Been Warned” – Dirty Sweet 

 Have loved this San Diego band since I saw them (multiple times) on their tour with Nico Vega and Gringo Star. They recently released their second full length album, American Spiritual. I felt this track, from that album, was the perfect way to start off this mix

             2. “Around the Bend” – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

The obligatory “so that’s who sings that song” track. I must say Apple has good taste in music…

                 3. “We Sing In TimeThe Lonely Forest

This is one of those tracks I fell in love with before the chorus even hit…probably the first track I knew was going to be on this mix. The Lonely Forest is at the top of my list of bands I need to investigate further…and see perform!  The video below is an acoustic version of “We Sing In Time”…it really showcases what a gorgeous song this is.

              4. “If You Care” – Doll & The Kicks

The slow song from their fantastic self titled CD. I had the pleasure of falling in love with this band when they went on tour with The Silent Comedy and Links. Just another band to add to my faves from across the pond list.

Part 2 of my SXSW ’10 Mix coming soon…

~ Kristen