New Band Alert: Milo Greene


Their first show was in March, and they’ve already played to a packed crowd for the Hammer Museum’s “I Also Like to Rock” series. Last night was the first time I was able to see Milo Greene at The Bootleg Theater opening for Races. I was mesmerized by all the beautiful voices…especially when they started working together to create gorgeous harmonies or counter melodies. I was also excited to see a couple familiar faces up on stage, former members of the sadly defunct LINKS. If you want a comparison, they remind me a bit of Seattle’s The Head and The Heart (an LMN fave). But really, you should check them out for yourselves. Their next posted gig seems to be at Sunset Junction. In the meantime, get to know the band! Here follows the appropriate links…!/milogreene


UPDATE: Milo Greene announce tour with The Civil Wars. Touring all over. Check out the dates here and get your tickets before they sell out:


Listen and Love!

~ Kristen















Kristen’s LA Concert Calendar: 9/6-9/12

I nearly forgot I needed to write this up as it kind of feels like the weekend is not over yet…because it’s not! YAY for three days weekends. I actually had some great plans for today but proceeded to sleep through all of them. I must have had way too much fun last night at The After Midnight Project show at The Key Club. The AMP boys put on quite the to-do and I am so glad some of you were able to make it out to see my most recent band obsession. I’ve got good reviews all around so I’m incredibly pleased. For more of my musical suggestions, check out this week’s calendar…if you’re looking to try something new, might I suggest Queen Caveat at Spaceland on Saturday.

As for the rest:

Monday: Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday: Imagine Dragons, Free Energy and Links at The Viper Room (9, 10, 11:15)
ALSO: Todd Carey at The Mint (8pm)
ALSO: Interpol at Space 15 Twenty (7pm)
ALSO: David Gray and Ray LaMontagne at The Greek Theater (7pm) 

Weds: David Gray and Ray LaMontagne at The Greek Theater (7pm) 

Thursday: Curtis Peoples at The Mint (9pm)
ALSO: Scarlet Grey and Red Light Sky at The Roxy (8pm)
ALSO: Cracker at The Echoplex (8pm)
ALSO: Ry Cuming and Justin Nozuka at El Rey (8pm) 

Friday: Hellen Stellar at The Echo (9pm)
ALSO: Andy Clockwise at The Hotel Café (11pm)
ALSO: Pink Martini at Hollywood Bowl (8:30) 

Saturday: Queen Caveat at Spaceland (8:30)
ALSO: Ernie Halter, So & So, Eckels Brothers (9,11,12)
ALSO: Rocco Deluca and White Apple Tree at Saint Rocke (9pm)
ALSO: Scissor Sisters at Hollywood Palladium (8pm)
ALSO: Pink Martini at Hollywood Bowl (8:30) 

Sunday: Pink Martini at Hollywood Bowl (7:30) 

To Keep in Mind:
September 18th: Heart at Gibson Amphitheater
September 25th: Band of Horses at Greek Theater
September 25th: Muse at Staples Center
September 30th: BIFFY CLYRO at The Bootleg Theater
October 1st: Brandi Carlile and The Avett Brothers at Nokia Theater LA Live
October 13th: Frightened Rabbit at The Mayan Theater
November 17th: Tyler Hilton at The Roxy
December 11th: The Black Crowes and Truth & Salvage Co. at Hollywood Palladium 

~ Kristen

Kristen’s Concert Calendar: 6/21-6/27

So, I finally get to the point when I can actually take more nights off and have my weekends back and I was so excited about the prospect of being able to catch more of the shows I long to see every week and then…I go and get myself sick. Bleck! But just because I’ll probably have to take it easy this week doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from all the great shows going on.

Here’s my dream list:

Monday: Carney at the Troubadour opening for Athlete (9pm)
ALSO: Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 (9pm)
ALSO: Abbot Kinney at Molly Malone’s (8pm) 

Tuesday: Adam Arcuragi at Silverlake Lounge (10pm)…PHILLY artist alert!!
ALSO: Automatique and The Shakers at Whiskey a Go Go (9pm)
ALSO: The Open Sea featuring Ari Hest at Room 5 (7pm) 

Weds: Abandoned Pools and Ashes Divide at The Viper Room (10,11)
ALSO: Lucy Woodward at The Hotel Cafe (10:30)…record release
ALSO: Josh Ritter at The Music Box (8pm)
ALSO: Hot Hot Heat and Links at Bootleg (8:30) 

Thursday: Kate Miller-Heidke at The Hotel Cafe (9:30)  
ALSO: Jonathan Clark at House of Blues acoustic lounge (9:30)
ALSO: Rick Cornette at Cafe Was (??)…plays keys for The Other Side of Morning…also has a solo project. Curious? So am I!
ALSO: Fitz and the Tantrums at Spaceland (10pm) 

Friday: The Rescues at The Troubadour (9pm)…Record Release show
ALSO: Andy Clockwise at The Hotel Cafe (10:30) 

Saturday: The Silent Comedy and Jonathan Foreman (of Switchfoot) at the BellyUp in Solano Beach

Sunday: The Webb Sisters at The Hotel Cafe (8:30)
ALSO: The Shakers at O’Brien’s (10pm)
ALSO: Austin Hartley Leonard at The Foundry on Melrose
ALSO: Warped Tour in Ventura 

To Keep in Mind:
July 7th: Carbon Leaf at The Troubadour
July 8th: Michelle Branch at Greek Theater
July 10th: Lilith Fair
July 13th: The Silent Comedy and Andy Clockwise at The Troubadour
July 14th: Nico Vega at The Troubadour
July 18th: The Swell Season and Bird and the Bee at Hollywood Bowl
July 30-31st: Morcheeba at Hollywood Bowl
August 12th: Semi Precious Weapons at Staples Center (with Lady GaGa)
August 21st and 22nd: Sunset Junction
September 25th: Band of Horses at Greek Theater
September 25th: Muse at Staples Center

~ Kristen

Kristen’s Concert Calendar: 5/24-5/30

Hey All!

This is Amanda posting for Kristen. She has had a super busy and awesome weekend on the east coast and just flew back in (she left at 5:30 am east coast time!) to LA this morning. Needless to say, she is pretty tired and still running around going to lab and class. I don’t know how she does it. Anyways, below you will find her concert calendar. I’ll be sure to put mine up when I can…

So…I’m still reeling from Saturday night. I have no words…actually I have five pages of words, but have decided not to post them here. Maybe someday I’ll do a proper write up of what was one of my favorite band’s last show ever. The end of the Jealousy Curve era is officially upon us. Saturday night was an intense mixture of tears, hugs, stories, and most importantly face-melting rock music.  This band has had such a major impact on my life over the past five years. I can’t really fathom my life without them, so I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment.  I’m SO incredibly grateful for Pawnshop Roses and the show that they played tonight (Sunday)…even if I did have to drive across the state line into New Jersey to see it. They reminded me that I still do have a reason to come back and visit my former and beloved home of Philadelphia.

Flying back to LA tomorrow in time for a full week of concerting. Might be a tad on the depressed side this week, so come out and enjoy some music with me! Here are the options:

Monday: Carney at Bardot Hollywood (8pm)…it’s guest list only, but they might still be taking RSVPs (
ALSO: The Like at The Echo (10pm)
ALSO: Wartapes at The Silverlake Lounge (11pm)
ALSO: Filthy Souls at 19 Below in Santa Monica (8pm)
ALSO: Sweethead at Spaceland (10pm)ALSO: Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 (9pm)

Tuesday: The Elizabeth Kill and The Other Side of Morning at The House of Blues
ALSO: The Airborne Toxic Event at The Echo (8:30)
ALSO: Kina Grannis at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)

Weds: The Shakers at Canter’s Kibitz room (11pm)

Thursday: rest up for Friday?

Friday: Landon Pigg and Mandi Diaz at The Troubadour (9pm)
ALSO: Abbot Kinney at Molly Malone’s (10pm)
ALSO: 100 Monkeys at The Roxy (7:30)
ALSO: The Parson Read Heads, Or The Whale, Olin and The Moon and Whispering Pines at Spaceland (8:30)
ALSO: big show in San Diego featuring The Silent Comedy, Dirty Sweet, etc. at North Park Theater (7pm)
Saturday: The Real Sunset Strip On The Rox (above The Roxy) featuring Links (10pm)
Sunday: Queen Caveat at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)

To Keep in Mind:

June 1st: First Aid Kit at Bootleg
June 3rd: Mumford & Sons at The Music Box
June 6th: Mumford & Sons with The Silent Comedy at BellyUp (in SD)
June 10-13th: BONNAROO (in Tennessee)
June 25th: Warped Tour in LA
June 25th: The Rescues CD Release at The Troubadour
June 21st: Carney at The Troubadour
July 10th: Lilith Fair

~ Kristen

Kristen’s SXSW ’10 Mix- Part 1

It took a bit longer than I’d hoped…and wasn’t quite as exhaustive as last year (mostly due to the lack of free mp3s on the SXSW site), BUT here it is…some of my fave “new” acts discovered from SXSW 2010…okay some of these acts I already knew and loved, but I just don’t feel that you are quite there with me yet so I decided to include them.

Also, I’ve decided to spread the love and broke my list down into several, more digestable posts full of exciting videos and music.  Enjoy!

  1. “You’ve Been Warned” – Dirty Sweet 

 Have loved this San Diego band since I saw them (multiple times) on their tour with Nico Vega and Gringo Star. They recently released their second full length album, American Spiritual. I felt this track, from that album, was the perfect way to start off this mix

             2. “Around the Bend” – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

The obligatory “so that’s who sings that song” track. I must say Apple has good taste in music…

                 3. “We Sing In TimeThe Lonely Forest

This is one of those tracks I fell in love with before the chorus even hit…probably the first track I knew was going to be on this mix. The Lonely Forest is at the top of my list of bands I need to investigate further…and see perform!  The video below is an acoustic version of “We Sing In Time”…it really showcases what a gorgeous song this is.

              4. “If You Care” – Doll & The Kicks

The slow song from their fantastic self titled CD. I had the pleasure of falling in love with this band when they went on tour with The Silent Comedy and Links. Just another band to add to my faves from across the pond list.

Part 2 of my SXSW ’10 Mix coming soon…

~ Kristen

Kristen’s Concert Calendar 5/3-5/9

I’m still singing from Saturday night’s grand adventure On The Rox with The Silent Comedy. For more on that, you should check out the forthcoming (fingers crossed) post I will be putting up.

This week, I’m especially excited about two appearances The Kin make on my calendar. Monday night at The Hotel Cafe and Weds at Stronghold in Venice. It’s been WAY too long since brothers Koren have been in Los Angeles. It will probably be some time before they are here again so don’t miss these opportunities to see one of my very favorite bands play live! As an added bonus, I hear Shakerleg may also be coming to town…

As for what else I’m looking forward to this week:

Monday: The Kin at The Hotel Cafe (7pm)….yes, it’s an early one, but it’ll be worth the traffic, trust me!
ALSO: Wartapes FREE at Silverlake Lounge (11pm)
ALSO: Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 (9pm) 

Tuesday: Until June at Spaceland (9pm)
ALSO: Greg Laswell and Brian Wright at The Troubadour (8pm)
ALSO: Links at The Viper Room (midnight) 

Weds: The Kin at Stronghold in Venice (9pm)
ALSO: The Hold Steady at The El Rey (8pm)
ALSO: The Daylights and Whispering Pines at The Hotel Cafe (10,11) 
ALSO: Beachwood Rockers’ Society at Crane’s

Thursday: Other Side of Morning at Harvelle’s  in Santa Monica (10:30)
ALSO: Green River Ordinance at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: Ingrid Michaelson at The Hotel Cafe (7pm)…definitely sold out…but one never knows…
ALSO: Austin Hartley-Leonard at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)
ALSO: Links FREE at Space 15 Twenty (7pm) 

Friday: Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale and Chris Pierce at The Hotel Cafe (10,11)
ALSO: Beth Hart, Linda Perry, etc. at Club Nokia (8pm)
ALSO: The Janks at Spaceland (11) 

Saturday: Ely’s Creep Show featuring Hoobastank, Ferras, Elliot Yamin, etc. at The Hotel Cafe (9pm)…sorry, it’s sold out…I’ll let you know how it goes 😉
ALSO: Warpaint at Bootleg (10:30)
ALSO: Fight From Above at On The Rox (10pm) 

Sunday: Viza at The Viper Room (10pm)
ALSO: Patrick Park at Saint Rocke (7pm) 

To Keep in Mind:

May 13th: Crash Kings at The Roxy
May 15th: Carney at The El Rey   
May 15th: 30 Seconds to Mars at The Greek Theater
May 19th: Queen Caveat at The Viper Room
May 28th: The Silent Comedy and Dirty Sweet at North Park Theater (in SD)
June1st: First Aid Kit at Bootleg
June 6th: Mumford & Sons with The Silent Comedy at BellyUp (in SD)
June 10-13th: BONNAROO (in Tennessee)
June 25th: Warped Tour in LA (well, Carson)
July 10th: Lilith Fair 

~ Kristen

Kristen’s Concert Calendar: 4/12-4/18

“Emergency “ in lab = one stressed out and mentally exhausted Kristen. But even if I don’t have much time this week for extraneous shows, doesn’t mean I can’t make the time to tell you about all the fantastic things I’d like to be doing.  By the end of the week we can all gather at Coachella and celebrate. Three days of nothing but music = one happy Kristen.

Here’s the run down:

Monday: Butch Walker and the Black Widows at The El Rey (8pm)
ALSO: Paris Carney and Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 featuring Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale (8,9)…this is Paris’ last show for awhile
ALSO: The Postelles at Spaceland (8:30)…saw this band at Bonnaroo ’08…from NYC 

Tuesday: Tony Lucca and Truth & Salvage Co. at The Hotel Cafe (8,9)…the last T&S Co. show before they depart for another tour…don’t miss out!
ALSO: Serena Ryder at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: Links and Purple Melon at Saint Rocke(8pm)
ALSO: White Buffalo at The Mint (7:30) 

Weds: Them Crooked Vultures at Club Nokia (8:30)
ALSO: Matt Morris at The Mint (8pm)
ALSO: Kingsize at The Troubadour (9:15) 

Thursday: Rocco Deluca, and Dirty Diamond at The Hotel Cafe (9,10)
ALSO: The Daylights and Pawnshop Kings at The Troubadour (10pm) 

Friday: George Stanford, Andy Clockwise, and Vienne at The Hotel Cafe (9)…George’s Record Release…please someone go and pick up a copy for me…SO terribly sad I’ll miss it
ALSO: Arlo Guthrie at Royce Hall (8:30)
COACHELLA featuring: Alana Grace, Iglu & Hartly, Imogen Heap, Kate Miller-Heidke, She & Him, The Avett Brothers, Them Crooked Vultures, Vampire Weekend

 Saturday: Fair to Midland at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: Smashing Pumpkins at Space 15 Twenty (4pm)
COACHELLA featuring: Band of Skulls, Camera Obscura, Corinne Bailey Rae, Frightened Rabbit, MGMT, Muse, Porcupine Tree, Sia, Steel Train, The Dead Weather 

Sunday: Meiko at Saint Rocke (7pm)
COACHELLA featuring: Local Natives, MUTEMATH, Phoenix, Spoon, The Big Pink, Thom Yorke 

To Keep in Mind:

April 21st and 22nd: The Glee Tour at Gibson
April 21st: Nico Vega and Semi Precious Weapons at The Roxy
May 4th: Greg Laswell at The Troubadour
May 15th: Carney at The El Rey   
May 15th: 30 Seconds to Mars at The Greek Theater
May 22nd: Frightened Rabbit at The Casbah (in SD)
May 28th: The Silent Comedy and Dirty Sweet at North Park Theater (in SD)
June 6th: Mumford & Sons with The Silent Comedy at BellyUp (in SD)
June 10-13th: BONNAROO (in Tennessee)
July 10th: Lilith Fair

 ~ Kristen