Kristen’s SXSW ’10 Mix- Part 2

And the mix continues with…

               5. “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” – Frightened Rabbit

Speaking of bands from across the pond, I’m still smarting from the absence of this one at Coachella and the fact that I’m out of town when they will be in LA (May 23).  Even though I discovered Frightened Rabbit well over a year ago, I still feel the need to put them on any list possible…just for an excuse to listen to them more myself!

               6. “I Need” – Maverick Sabre

This is the track I had the difficulty in tracking down as Maverick has yet to release more than a single (at least on ITunes). The fact that it is here is a testament to how much it struck me.

               7. “Gypsy Woman” – Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

Also struggled to get this track. I went to go see Jonathan et al at The Viper Room with the express purpose of picking up a CD only to discover that there were none available. Fortunately since then, the group’s debut CD Pardon Me has been released. I would highly recommend this addition to your record collection.

              8. “Run Baby Run”- Noush Skaugen

One of the reasons I love SXSW is that it gives me the opportunity to discover artists like Noush Skaugen whom I don’t know if I’d ever happen upon otherwise. You can get this entire track free from her website!

…more to come…

~ Kristen


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