Fall in love with Ferras

I don’t tend to download via ITunes (or any similar site) because honestly, I like having the actual CD complete with CD booklet. But yesterday, I finally redeemed this ITunes gift certificate someone gave me for my birthday several months ago. I had been eyeing the other Biffy Clyro CDs for some time now so I got their second “most popular” CD, Puzzle. I had $5 left over so I was going to surf the ITunes universe to find something completely new to try…but then, as I was cruising my traditional websites I stumbled upon the realization that one of my favorite artists, Ferras, had realized some new material in the form of an EP titled Interim.

So much for discovering some new music…I put the remainder of my gift certificate to use and downloaded the EP. I’ve been listening to Ferras nonstop all day. The new EP, the old CD, Aliens & Rainbows, YouTube videos of nonrecorded Ferras originals and covers….I just can’t get enough!  

The emotion that Ferras can elicit between his gorgeous voice and the delicate touch of the piano is reason enough to check him out, but he’s also an incredibly captivating person. The few times a year he decides to come out and play at The Hotel Cafe are not to be missed…especially since most of my favorite of his songs have not been recorded and you never know what cover he’ll pull out of his hat. This is the man that actually got me to listen to Lady Gaga after he did a cover of her song, “Paparazzi”.

Anyway, since I seem to be in obsession mode here, I thought I’d share some videos…

Listen! Learn! LOVE!

~ Kristen

A song he finally recorded on Interim:

A song he wrote and performed with Katy Perry:

Pure awesomeness (from the last time I saw him play):