Discovering New Artists: Ben Rector

Ben Rector was one of the artists featured on my SXSW ’10 mix. I fell in love with his song, “World Moving Backwards”. The other day I stumbled across this website called It allows you to sample and download tunes from up and coming artists in exchange for promoting them to your friends on facebook or twitter…or even just sending out some emails. You can leave a monetary “tip” as well if you’re so inclined (you know you want to!).

I downloaded a few additional tunes from Ben Rector’s summer sampler and am very pleased to say that “World Moving Backwards” is not the only song of his I enjoy. I really wish this singer-songwriter from Tennessee would venture out to LA and play for us… As of now, no tour dates have been posted, but I will definitely be on the look-out.

In the meantime, if you want to investigate this artist further, check out his website, buy his newest CD, Summer Candy, download his free summer sampler, and watch some videos (he has some really cool ones, including the one below for his cover of one of my favorite songs “Free Fallin’”)  

~ Kristen