What I am Thankful For…

Why MUSIC of course. Music of all shapes and sizes…but mostly music that moves me in its live format. I am also thankful for all those people in my life that have a similar appreciation for music…or that simply indulge me in my obsession by accompanying me to shows.

I am thankful to be living in Los Angeles, a city that has so much to offer music-wise. I can’t imagine going back to living a life in which there weren’t opportunities for fantastic live music every night of the week.

Although, I am spending the holiday in LA…working, Thanksgiving is a time to be thinking about home. I do really wish I could be in Philadelphia this weekend. Last night was WMMR’s Gobblaroo featuring a couple fantastic LA-based bands with Philly roots (The Shakers, Fat City Reprise) as well as Stonethrown, and the debut of Philly’s hottest new band, SINAI. I wish I could have been there…if you were, I’d appreciate reviews. Also, tomorrow night at The Grape Room marks the return of The Awesome Brothers, a collaboration of some of my favorite musicians gathering together to play some of their favorite songs. Musical bliss for sure. If you’re in town, don’t’ miss it!

Happy Thanksgiving to my music-loving family (both near and far)!

~ Kristen

And on that note, I leave you with the song that’s been playing on repeat in my head all day. Jonathan Singleton’s “Airplanes.” I would like to take this moment to point out that I DO like some country music…and that I wish that Jonathan would venture back to LA…and bring The Grove with him this time.