Kristen’s ’10 Music Mix- Track 2 – After Midnight Project

2. “The Becoming” – After Midnight Project

listen to the song here

An acoustic version:

After Midnight Project (AMP) is my great local band discovery of 2010. Something inspired me to check them out at Bamboozled…and from the very first song, they had me under their spell. At that same show, I was able to sneak into the VIP section to see AMP play an acoustic set. It is a mark of a truly great rock band if they can still blow you away playing acoustically…AMP takes top marks here. We ended up going to two different stops on the Warped Tour solely to see these guys play again. Then, the year culminated in an AMP headlining show at The Key Club…they brought out all the stops (new songs, a piano, members of Papa Roach and SOTY, confetti!) and cemented a spot on the list of my favorite bands. AMP’s album, Let’s Build Something to Break, is one of the best purchases I made all year.

a small assortment of my 2010 AMP shots:

 ~ Kristen

track 1: Joey Ryan   
track 3: Biffy Clyro


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