Kristen’s ’10 Mix – Track 11 – Queen Caveat

11. “In My Bed” – Queen Caveat

I’m pretty sure I discovered Queen Caveat last year, when they were known as StolenPlayer and played a random gig at Crane’s, my favorite Hollywood bar. This year, they pinned down a line-up, started playing regular gigs, released their first EP, Emptor…and I started going to all of their shows…they are that amazing live. Look for them to blow up in the next couple of years! But as one great thing begins, another must end. In November I went to the final night at Crane’s before it was relocated to Costa Rica. So many amazing memories at that place, that final night included.

 more of my favorite Crane’s regulars:

George Stanford:


Andy Clockwise:

~ Kristen

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