The Nervous Wreckords and Moving Picture Show at Saint Rocke

Weds night was a much needed evening at one of my favorite venues, Saint Rocke. I sometimes forget about this venue down in Hermosa Beach because it’s a bit off the beaten path, but really it doesn’t take me any longer to get there than a club in Hollywood. And this place has comfy seats you don’t have to pay for, delicious food, and I always manage to have a perfect view of whatever musician or band I’ve come to see…while sitting down. As I’m getting older, the sitting thing has become an increasingly important draw.

Anyway, I ventured down to Saint Rocke Weds night because I wanted to see The Nervous Wreckords. Last time I saw them play was at the SDMAs and that was just a teaser so I’d been craving. The Nervous Wreckords did not disappoint! As much as I’ve been enjoying their CD, Valuminium, this is definitely a band I prefer live. Live, you get a better feel for the entire band and the songs become more alive and meaningful as each member gets their chance to shine. Despite the pedigree of lead singer, Brian Karscig, this band really does seem to just be “Doing it to Do It” and enjoying the ride. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s all join in!

I stuck around after The Nervous Wreckords to check out Moving Picture Show. I really didn’t know what to expect when the band took the stage.  Three members dressed in paint splattered attire banging on garbage cans…for a second I recalled Miss Congeniality and wondered if I was safe in the front row. The threesome quickly drew me in however with their catchy tunes and their fourth member, a video screen. I’ll admit, it was this forth member that captured most of my attention. Displaying cute stories about rescuing lost dogs that had been blown away, mesmerizing special effects, well-timed animation, and the rock band style cues for one of the trio’s songs, it was easy to fall in love with what I was hearing. I immediately went home and downloaded the group’s latest album, Studies Have Shown…, and have been listening ever since!

If you go to the Moving Picture Show Myspace and sign up for their mailing list, you can get a free mp3 of my fave MPS song, “By Now”. Seriously, listen to the lyrics…or even better go to the band’s next show at The Echo this Monday (Jan. 10) and see the lyrics for yourself displayed on the big screen (such a genius ploy, really…and so well done!)

~ Kristen