Kristen’s ’10 Mix – Track 18 – The Silent Comedy

18. “Footnotes” – The Silent Comedy

The Silent Comedy released their full length CD, Common Faults, this year. The song “Footnotes” was an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise and  although not often played at live shows, it has quickly become one of my fave TSC tunes. Also, this particular song played a role in one of the highlights of my year: singing on stage with one of my very favorite bands and with some of my favorite people. This band has come to mean to me more than most. Although based in San Diego, this year I attended more of their shows than any other band. In fact, I have developed an  entire family/gang based around this band and the joy that they bring to us each time they play.

some pictures from The Silent Comedy On The Rox:

~ Kristen

track 17: Pawnshop Roses
Bonus track: Jay Nash