Fierce Creatures Redux

Fierce Creatures is back and fiercer than ever. Not that they ever really left us, but the fact that this 7 piece band lives up in Fresno makes it all the harder to see them play.

I was delighted to hear from the band in mid-February that not only were they going to be at SXSW, they would be playing a show in San Diego with Kevin Martin the week after. Excitement? I think that’s obvious.

While I don’t have any pictures of them from SXSW (I was too busy dancing) it was a lovely and memorable experience. The guys from The Silent Comedy hopped on stage for their closing song, Satan is a Vampire, and rocked out! If you don’t have Satan is an Vampire and/or you are (*gasp*), unfamiliar with who they are, you should check out this older post I did of them.

Even better news is that the band is recording some “b-side” singles to be released for our delight…

“Our idea is to release a new single with a B-side every few months. We’re hoping that at the end of this year we’ll have about 8 or 10 tracks total, at that point we’ll release a deluxe digital version on iTunes featuring all of the tracks and some extras. The BIG plan is to release all the singles and B-sides on 7″ Vinyl in a box set, made to order essentially.”

How cool would that be? To wet your appetite even more, I happen to have a link to stream their first release, Ships to Shore which is available for download from their Soundcloud website. If you just feel like a listen, check this.

Ships to Shore by fiercecreaturesband

Also, if you haven’t been to their website yet, go check out their cool little creature. I promise he will make you smile.