Watch This: Lovers Drugs “1925”

The third video from Lovers Drugs self-titled EP was released this week. It’s for their song “1925” and appears to be about a young woman watching a dance performance that goes terribly wrong. The band portrays both stage musicians and the woman’s saviors. Set in sepia tones, the beauty of the ballad and the dancers is in contrast to the more disturbing title cards announcing acts entitled “a tragic love is born” or “doubt triumphs over instinct.”  I enjoy the song, but I’m even more intrigued by the story in the video.

This video is just one in a series made for songs off Lovers Drugs’ EP. There will be a video for each of the six songs and together they will tell the story of this disturbed young woman, named Jackie. What we know so far of Jackie and her tale is what we can see by watching previously released videos for “Into the Light” and “Jackie Says”.  Jackie seems confined in this blue-tinted world; locked in a barren room, being forced to take medication… Her form of escape is provided by Lovers Drugs who sing to her, bringing color and light to her world.

I asked Dean, bassist for Lovers Drugs, how this new “1925” video fits into Jackie’s story. Here is his response:

“As you’ve already assessed, Jackie is a troubled young lady fighting her demons both real and imagined. You can see in the “Jackie Says” video that she is living in a mental half-way house. She often dreams of the outside world and flirts with methods of evading her surroundings whether that be a physical escape or a mental escapade, hence the 1925 theme.”

The full story of Jackie won’t be apparent until the complete 20 min. short combining all of the songs is released sometime in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime we can only speculate. How did Jackie end up where she is? Will she ever really escape or will she be confined to the world of blue forever? Will Lovers Drugs help set her free? What is the importance of all of those keys?

Okay, I’m really looking forward to the full video!

~ Kristen

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