Kristen’s SXSW ’11 Mix: Part 4

This year’s SXSW experience was a little different than in years past (ie I actually got to GO instead of my usual just listening to all of the artists). Still, I wanted to maintain the spirit of my annual SXSW Mix being a list of artists that are mostly new to me that I somehow discovered or was inspired to write about due to my SXSW experience.  I am so excited about every one of these artists/groups. I can’t wait for them to come through LA and play!

And the list keeps going. Here’s part 4:


13. “Fashion Kills”Sabrosa Purr

These LA natives just get better and better every time I see them. They also get the award for favorite band to photograph at SXSW. Check out a couple pics and download their song “Fashion Kills”. Keep tabs on my calendar for their upcoming shows.



14. “Squealing Pigs” – Admiral Fallow

Another Scottish band to add to my list. I love how this song builds. Plus, it features a clarinet (my favorite instrument)! What’s not to love about this song and this band?


15. “Come On and Move Me” – Monarchs

Austin natives Monarchs got me with this song, featured on Bandcamp’s SXSW playlist. You can download it for free here.


16. “Look Away” – Brett Hite

The more I listen to Brett Hite’s album, “Visible”, the more I fall in love with it. “Look Away” is the tune I kept coming back to. I also enjoy this video which has Brett playing this song acoustically as we get treated to a lovely view in Brett’s home state of Washington.  I would say I can’t wait for Brett to come play in LA, but maybe I’d rather take a drive up north…


~ Kristen


more to come…