Kristen’s ’11 Mix – Track 2- Pepper’s Ghost

2. “Rosalina” – Pepper’s Ghost 

Everyone who knows me knows that Pepper’s Ghost is my favorite band. When the band went on “an indefinite hiatus” in 2007, I was devastated. I moved to LA the next year. When I found out that in January of 2011 they were to play a reunion show, I bought my plane tickets faster than you can say “Friday Night in Philadelphia”. That night at The Grape Room was the best night of my year. That whole weekend brought together so many of my best friends and fellow music lovers to celebrate the reunion. Pepper’s Ghost played two sets and in between I snuck over to Northstar Bar to catch a bit of another Philly fave, Alright Junior. I love living in Los Angeles, but Philadelphia and its music will always be very close to my heart.



Here’s the setlist from their show in January. I’ve been carrying it around on my teaching binder all quarter…

~ Kristen