Kristen’s ’11 Mix – Track 4 – Dead Sara

4. “Weatherman” – Dead Sara 

Dead Sara is my #1 band discovery of 2011. I’ve seen this band perhaps more than any other this year. Between shows at SXSW, their Viper Residency, a couple Roxy gigs, and late night sets at Hemingway’s, so many amazing memories of my 2011 surround this band. One of my favorite parts of 2011 were the two weeks I took part in a Neuroimaging Training Program or “Brain Camp” where I got to meet and work with some amazing people from around the world. I had the opportunity to take some of my new friends out and share my other world, including a night at Hemingway’s with Dead Sara. There is very little I enjoy more than introducing my favorite bands to new ears and there has been no band I’ve been more excited to share this year than Dead Sara.


For more Dead Sara and a sneak peak and the songs off their upcoming album (and a couple cameos by yours truly), check out this video:


~ Kristen