Amanda’s Top 10 Musical Experiences of 2011

Although this post is coming to you much later than I had anticipated, there is a (somewhat) valid reason behind the delay. Let me explain…

The problem I faced with coming up with my “Top 10” list is one that I’m sure plagues others but I really didn’t know how to handle it. This is only my second time creating a top something list and I’m new to the rules. The problem was if I did it based by show, one band (or two) would have multiple spaces taken on the list which really isn’t fair to other bands. If I went based purely on bands, I feel like many experiences would have been left behind and that’s not fair because the entire experience was a part of seeing a band play. So, I give you my hybrid “Top 10” list. This is a combination of both bands and experiences alike. Hope you enjoy!


10. Scarlet Grey

After capturing my heart sometime in 2010, Scarlet Grey has been one of my favorite LA bands to drive up and see. Unfortunately those guys have been across the pond playing shows for the Brits and capturing their hearts as well. Despite their absence, my love for them presses on. After attending most of their shows up in LA this year, especially their last one at the Troubadour which was filled with lots of love and new songs, they still leave an imprint in my mind. Here’s hoping they come home soon!


9. The Nervous Wreckords

I’m not going to lie, it took me a minute to truly appreciate the glory that is The Nervous Wreckords. I knew going in that frontman Brian Karscig was San Diego’s rock royalty with his previous band Louis XIV but I wasn’t fully aware of what to expect from his new endeavor. I believe the first time I really stopped to watch The Nervous Wreckords was at the FM94/9 Independence Jam and they had me. I was finally able to understand what all the buzz was about. I had the privilege of helping to shoot this video for one of their new songs “Love Jammed the Radio.” These cool cats are about to hit the road (or should I say the ocean) with Weezer so check them out when you can!


Stay tuned, more to come!