Kristen’s SXSW ’12 Mix – Part 3

One of the things I love most about SXSW is the opportunity it provides every year to discover great new artists. The following mix reflects some of the bands and musicians I’ve added to my “watch list” as a result of SXSW 2012. Enjoy!

12. Defining Times– “Rite”

I hear potential in this band from Oklahoma City, OK…I like potential.

13. New Cassettes – “Silent Guns”

Okay, so I did see this band a year ago…but I had kind of forgotten about them until they popped up on my SXSW radar. I thought they deserved a second mention.


14. Morning Parade– “Headlights”

After listening to my mega SXSW mix en route to Austin, it was decided that Morning Parade was going to be one of our must-sees. We caught them one early afternoon at The British Embassy and they did not disappoint.


15. Brother & Bones – “Hold Me Like the Sun”

Is it just me or can you are you also craving a line-up of Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Brother & Bones, and The Silent Comedy after listening to this song? Just me? huh…


Listen! Learn! Love!


~ Kristen