Kristen’s Remote Streaming Concert Calendar: 4/6-4/12

How has everyone’s quarantine been treating them?  I keep thinking I’m going to get to all of those TV shows I haven’t had time to watch, but not only do I still struggle to find the time, when I turn on the TV, I notice myself flinching whenever the people on the screen shake hands or get too close.

Music live streams help keep my days structured. The Dunwells start my day and Deal Casino marks the transition between afternoon and evening. For music discovery, one of my favorite daily check-ins is with Jimmy’s, a venue in Manchester. They host live performances every day at 1pm PST on their Instagram and have introduced me to artists like as Larkins, Bang Bang Romeo, and Full Colour.  Other highlights from my last week of livestreaming include sets from Twin Atlantic, Ferris & Sylvester, Sam Fender and a killer re-working of Badflower’s “Heroin” by Deal Casino (can be found on Soundcloud).

Looking at next week, here’s what I have on my list (more to come, I’m sure):
(FB = Facebook; IG = Instagram; YT = YouTube)


10am: The Dunwells at FB
Billy Raffoul at IG
Arkells at IG
11am: Smith & Thell at IG/FB/Twitter/YT
12pm: JP Cooper at IG
Train at IG
1pm: Tim Jones at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Oh Wonder at IG
The National at YT
Flawes at Jimmys IG
2pm: James Gillespie at Hotel Cafe StageIt
House & Home at thenoise IG
Frank Turner at underwatersunshinefest IG
3pm: Josh Kelley at Hotel Cafe StageIt
4pm: Jon Mclaughlin at Hotel Cafe StageIt
John Faye at FB
Ben Gibbard at FB
4:30: Deal Casino w/ Rome Hero Foxes at IG
5pm: Talker at Buzzbandsla IG
Chris Conley at altpress IG
5:30: Jay Nash at FB
6pm: Sawyer Fredericks at Hotel Cafe StageIt
The Wrecks at IG
Alec Benjamin at spinmag IG
Monday Monday at FB
7pm: Zane Carney at Hotel Cafe StageIt
8pm: Szlachetka at Hotel Cafe StageIt
The Shadowboxers at Kensington StageIt
9pm: Yay Blunn at Rockwood Music Hall StageIt


10am: The Dunwells at FB
Arkells at IG
12pm: Ben Wylen at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Freya Ridings at IG
Echosmith at Billboard Live FB
1pm: Dana Williams at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Andrew Cushin at Jimmys IG
2pm: Nathan Angelo at FB
Alec Banjamin at tmrwmag IG
Cemetery Sun at Twitch
3pm: Johnny Gates at Hotel Cafe StageIt
4pm: Luke Wade at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Yoke Lore at YT
4:30: Deal Casino at IG
5pm: Rozzi at Hotel Cafe StageIt
lovelytheband at
Glacier Veins at thenoise IG
Brooke Annibale at
Josh Ritter at YT
6pm: Candace Devine at Hotel Cafe StageIt
The Wrecks at IG
6:30: Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir (Of Monsters and Men) at IG
6:45: Asgeir at IG
7pm: Vincint at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Overcoats at IG
Dylan Chambers at IG
7:15: Gordi at IG
7:30: Julien Baker at IG
7:45: Katie Dey at IG
8pm: Jessica Childress at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Mrs. Henry at
Shura at IG
8:15: George Alice at IG


10am: The Dunwells at FB
Arkells at IG
11am: Clare Means at Hotel Cafe StageIt
M. Ward at Songkick FB
1pm: The Unlikely Candidates at FB
3pm: Garrison Starr at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Dashboard Confessional at IG
4pm: David Ryan Harris at Hotel Cafe StageIt
4:30: Deal Casino w/ The Wrecks at IG
5pm: Chris Pierce at Hotel Cafe StageIt
The Living Roomers at buzzbandsla IG
5:30: Five North at thenoise IG
6pm: Matthew Mayfield at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Tony Lucca at FB
Echosmith at FB/IG
7pm: Jay Nash at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Joel Eckels at IG/FB
WFNM presents at wfnm IG
8pm: Shane Alexader at Hotel Cafe StageIt


10am: The Dunwells at FB
Arkells at IG
12pm: Snow Patrol at IG
Tom Walker at IG
Charming Liars at thenoise IG
1pm: Nico Franc at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Low Island at Jimmys IG
1:30: Saint Motel at ktclchannel933 IG
: Curtis Peoples at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Alec Benjamin at ladygunn IG
3pm: Alisan Porter at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Echosmith at buildseriesnyc IG
3:30: X Ambassadors on Dash Studio Hollywood Twitch
4pm: Irontom at Jam in the Van YT
Zealyn at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Will Dailey at FB
4:30: Deal Casino w/ The Orphan The Poet at IG
5pm: Bleeker at IG
Poppy Jean Crawford at buzzbandsla IG
Tall Heights at FB
6pm: Cordovas at FB
Coyle Girelli at FB/IG
Talbott Brothers at IG
7pm: MILCK at Hotel Cafe StageIt
9pm: Rett Madison at Hotel Cafe StageIt


10am: Biffy Clyro on FB
The Dunwells at FB
Arkells at IG
Whenyoung at diymagazine IG
James Vincent McMorrow at YT
11am: The Virginmarys at FB
The Tallest Man on Earth at YT
Abbie Mccarthy presents Indie House Party f. Vistas, Marsicans, Thomas Sheadon at orangeamplifiers IG
Ferris & Sylverster at FB
1pm: Low at IG
1:45: Saint Motel at edgetulsa IG
2pm: Young Culture at thenoise IG
3pm: Griffin House at StageIt
3:30: Echosmith at younghollywood IG
4:20: The Mowglis at Twitch
4:30: Deal Casino w/ The Vaughns at IG
5pm: Franscansisco at Rockwood Music IG
Velvet Starlings at buzzbandsla IG
Brian Dunne at IG/YT
Dan Wilson at at Hotel Cafe StageIt
5:40: Transviolet at Nakid Mag YT
6pm: Ivan & Alyosha at IG
7:20: San Mei at IG
9pm: The Classic Crime at Twitch


9am: Declan J Donovan at se7enlayers IG
Martin Johnson (The Night Game) at HumantoHuman FB
9:30: Jillian Edwards at HumantoHuman FB
: The Dunwells at FB
The Districts at diymagazine IG
Lewis Watson at se7enlayers IG
10:30: Josie Dunne at HumantoHuman FB
10:45: Sam Fischer at HumantoHuman FB
11am: Colony House at HumantoHuman FB
Doton at se7enlayers IG
11:15: Clare Bowen & Brandon Robert Young at HumantoHuman FB
11:30: Donovan Woods at HumantoHuman FB
Jay Nash at FB
11:45: Brian Fallon at HumantoHuman FB
12pm: Justin Nozuka at se7enlayers IG
12:15: Lawrence at HumantoHuman FB
12:30: Cyn at HumantoHuman FB
1pm: Ernie Halter at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Pale Waves at diymagazine IG
Rick Springfield at HumantoHuman FB
Noah Kahan at se7enlayers IG
1:15: Jake Scott at HumantoHuman FB
1:30: Hunter Hayes at HumantoHuman FB
2pm: Tony Lucca at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Matt Nathanson at HumantoHuman FB
Violet Skies at se7enlayers IG
2:15: Lauren Daigle at HumantoHuman FB
2:30: Richard Marx at HumantoHuman FB
2:45: Jensen McRae at HumantoHuman FB
3pm: People Supporting Artists Telethon f. The Lone Bellow, Langhorne Slim, Shovels & Rope, Andrew Combs, Kenneth Pattengale, Madison Cunningham and more at
Sam Nelson Harris (X Ambassadors) at HumantoHuman FB
Minke at se7enlayers IG
3:15: Yoke Lore at HumantoHuman FB
3:30: Butch Walker at HumantoHuman FB
3:45: Tori Kelly at HumantoHuman FB
4pm: Will Fox at buzzbandsla IG
Alec Benjamin at HumantoHuman FB
Hein Cooper at se7enlayers IG
Adam Melchor at IG
4:15: Jewel at HumantoHuman FB
4:30: Jonathan Russell (The Head and the Heart) at HumantoHuman FB
4:45: JP Saxe at HumantoHuman FB
5pm: Nicholas Petricca (Walk the Moon) at HumantoHuman FB
5:15: Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) at HumantoHuman FB
5:30: Skylar Grey at HumantoHuman FB
Alexander 23 at IG
5:45: Pete Yorn at HumantoHuman FB
6pm: Cordovas at 6pm
David Ramirez at YT
The Wrecks at IG
JP Saxe at IG
Rome Hero Foxes at thenoise IG
Jim & Sam at Hotel Cafe StageIt
Andrew McMahon at HumantoHuman FB
6:15: Kate Pierson (B-52s) at HumantoHuman FB
6:30: Nahko at HumantoHuman FB
Young The Giant at IG
7pm: Smallpools & Morgxn at HumantoHuman FB
8pm: Devin Dawson at HumantoHuman FB
8:15: Lizzy & Joe (Halestorm) at HumantoHuman FB
8:30: Tyler Connolly (Theory of a Deadman) at HumantoHuman FB
8:45: Rome Ramirez (Sublime with Rome) at HumantoHuman FB
ALSO: HumantoHuman FB Live Event (9am-9pm)
ALSO: What the Sound Presents IG Live Fest (10am-8:30)
ALSO: 7 Layers Festival at se7enlayers IG


9am: Alex Flovent at se7enlayers IG
: The Dunwells at FB
Billy Lockett at se7enlayers IG
10:30: The Elwins at IG
11am: Nico Franc at IG
Passenger at YT
Marc Broussard at FB
Sports Team at diymagazine IG
Ryann at se7enlayers IG
12pm: Diane Birch at Church of Birch StageIt
Quarantine Karaoke f. The Amazons and more at jackxsaunders IG
Plested at se7enlayers IG
1pm: Luke Sital-Singh at se7enlayers IG
2pm: Matt Simons at se7enlayers IG
2:30: Jared & The Mill at IG
3pm: Kim Churchill at se7enlayers IG
4pm: Brent Cowles at FB
Sons of the East at se7enlayers IG
6pm: Tony Lucca at FB
The Wrecks at IG
Taylor John Williams at StageIt
ALSO: What the Sound Presents IG Live Fest (10am-8:30)
ALSO: 7 Layers Festival at se7enlayers IG



To Keep in Mind:

April 13th: John Faye at FB (4pm)
April 14th: Coyle Girelli at StageIt (3pm)
April 15th: Desert Nights f. Lauren Ruth Ward at desertnightsmusic IG (7pm)
April 16th: Closer in Crises Mental Health Benefit at The Relix Channel YT
April 16th: Saint Motel at 947 IG (8pm)
April 17th-19th: Local Music Festival by BadassBands at YT
April 17th: Blue October at StageIt (5, 6:30)
April 24th: Jace Miller of Alright Junior at FB (4:30)
April 25th: BlockByBlockWest


~ Kristen