Kristen’s Remote Streaming Concert Calendar: 4/13-4/19

Happy Easter! It’s a little different this year, but I’m still doing my best to celebrate with some reading (book club has not been cancelled!) and homemade boba tea. I also spent some time this weekend at the Seven Layers streaming music festival with artists like Lewis Watson, Minke, and Noah Kahan.

Other music highlights from last week include Irontom’s Jam in the Van, the streaming debut of Ally from The Virginmarys, Matt of The Classic Crime playing “Seattle” during his weekly Twitch show and Nick Anderson from The Wrecks breaking out “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain for The Noise.  I love all my rock bands breaking it down, but I do miss the high energy insanity of the shows. This is why I need to give a shout out to Aussie band Bakers Eddy who, as a toned down two piece, somehow made me feel the rock vibes.  Was it the canned audience cheering? Maybe it was the 2am hour at which I was watching? At any rate, they rocked and I needed that.

We shall see what shows pop up for next week. I’ll be keeping my eyes on the major platforms (FB=Facebook; IG=Instagram; YT=YouTube) and updated the calendar as I see it, but here is what I have for recommendations so far:


8am: Will Dailey at FB
: The Dunwells at FB
12pm: Aurora at
Jack Garratt at IG
1pm: Cage the Elephant at radiodotcom IG
James Gillespie at Jimmy’s IG
Bastille at IG
2pm: Josh Ritter and Joe Henry at Paste Magazine YT
4pm: John Faye at FB
Nick Black at Jam in the Van YT
4:30: Deal Casino at IG
5pm: Edwin McCain at FB
Ryley Walker at Evanston Space FB
5:30: Jay Nash at FB
6pm: Monday Monday f. Amber Rubarth, Javier Dunn, Joel Eckels at FB
The Wrecks at IG
Echosmith at Consequence of Sound IG


10am: The Dunwells at FB
11am: Tommy Siegel at UMF-JukeboxTheGhost StageIt
12pm: Cold War Kids at IG
1pm: Matt Simons at UMF-BettyWho StageIt
Jess Kemp at Jimmy’s IG
Briston Maroney at consequence IG
2pm: Dreamers at IG
3pm: Coyle Girelli at UMF-JukeboxTheGhost StageIt
Fly By Midnight at UMF-BettyWho StageIt
4pm: The Night Game at UMF-BettyWho StageIt
Allen Stone at Amazon Twitch
4:30: Deal Casino does Disney at IG
5pm: Rozzi at UMF-BettyWho StageIt
Hunter Hayes at YT
6pm: The Wrecks at IG
Vincint at UMF-BettyWho StageIt
Greg Holden at UMF-JukeboxTheGhost StageIt
7pm: Betty Who at UMF-BettyWho StageIt
Ben Thornewill at UMF-JukeboxTheGhost StageIt
Holy Wars at IG
The Heartstring Project at Rockwood Music Hall IG/FB


10am: The Dunwells at FB
Love Fame Tragedy at Tricketmaster UK FB
Jack Savoretti at Marin Guitar FB
Jason Mraz at YT
12pm: talker at sofarsoundssf IG
Cold War Kids at IG
1pm: The Unlikely Candidates at FB
Electric Enemy at Jimmy’s IG
Donna Missal at Vevo IG
Boy in Space at Jam in the Van FB
2pm: Jupiter Winter at UMF-JukeboxTheGhost StageIt
3pm: Cody Lovaas at Jam in the Van IG
4pm: The Daybreaks at UMF-JukeboxTheGhost StageIt
4:30: Deal Casino at IG
5pm: The Elwins at UMF-JukeboxTheGhost StageIt
Ari Hest at Rockwood Music Hall IG
Nick Waterhouse at Levis IG
5:30: The Talbott Brothers at buckle IG
6pm: Tony Lucca at FB
Jukebox The Ghost at UMF-JukeboxTheGhost StageIt
Cabin Fever Fest f. Soul Asylum, Red Wanting Blue, Cindy Alexander, Roan Yellowthorn at Blue Elan Records YT and Twitch
Jon Mclaughlin at StageIt
6:30: YVR at WFNM IG
7pm: Joel Eckles at FB/IG
Desert Nights f. Lauren Ruth Ward at desertnightsmusic IG
Adelitas Way at FB
Thom Sawyr at buzzbandsla IG
7:30: Cheridomingo at WFNM IG
8pm: Myylo at WFNM IG
9pm: Rainne at WFNM IG


10am: The Dunwells at FB
Marc Broussard at YT
Basement at sennheiser IG
11am: Tom Walker on IG/FB
Adam French at IG
The Hunnat at Amazon Twitch
12pm: Snow Patrol at FB
Cold War Kids at IG
Son Little at Martin Guitars FB
12:30: Frank Turner at FB
1pm: Love Fame Tragedy at Jimmy’s IG
2pm: Grace VanderWaal at Billboard Live FB
Paul Keen at FB
3pm: Low Cut Connie at FB
Curtis Peoples at FB
4pm: Ben Gibbard at FB
Alicia Blue at buzzbandsla IG
4:30: Deal Casino at IG
5pm: Closer in Crises Mental Health Benefit f. Taylor Goldsmith, Foy Vance, Jade Bird, Chadwick Stokes, Langhorne Slim, Alex the Astronaut, Ballroom Theives at The Relix Chanel YT
Tall Heights at FB
Bleeker at IG
David Ramirez at FB
6pm: Cordovas at FB
The Brother Brothers at IG
Matthew Mayfield at StageIt
Coyle Girelli at FB
7pm: Tessa Violet at YT


10am: Biffy Clyro at YT
The Dunwells at FB
The Other Songs f. multiple artists at IG
11:30: The Big Push at Live Nation FB
Jay Nash at FB
12pm: Ferris & Sylvester at FB
Cold War Kids at IG
The Tallest Man on Earth on YT
1pm: Minke at Jimmy’s IG
Lizzy Hale at We Are Hear YT
2pm: Blue October at StageIT
The Blue Stones at audiotree IG
3pm: Couch LA f. The Deltaz, Yip Yops at Badass Bands YT
Griffin House at StageIt
Alec Benjamin at PopCrave Twitter
4pm: The White Buffalo at Jam in the Van YT
Mini Trees at buzzbandsla IG
Echosmith at American Songbook FB
KT Tunstall at Reverb FB
The Districts at audiotree IG
BC Camplight at FB
4:30: Deal Casino at IG
Jordie Lane at Dustbowl Revival FB
6pm: Ivan & Alyosha at IG
War on Drugs at 101WKQX FB
8pm: Cold War Kids at 947fm IG
9pm: The Classic Crime at Twitch
11:40: Tiny Ruins at jetblackcat IG
12am: Six60 at IG
Frankie Cosmos at jetblackcat IG
1am: Batts at rocksteadyrecords IG
2:30am: DeliveredLive f. Didirri, Kingswood at FB/YT


10am: The Dunwells at FB
12pm: Bones UK at Sumerian Records YT
Saigo at buzzbandsla IG
1pm: Larkin Poe at
? at Jimmy’s IG
Saint Leonard at IG
Divine Fits at Amazon Music Twitch
2:30: Smooth Hound Smith at Dustbowl Revival FB
3pm: Couch LA f. Laure Ruth Ward, Mars and The Massacre at Badass Bands YT
Emily Kinney at IG
4pm: Birds of Chicago at Dustbowl Revival FB
Ben Folds at FB
6pm: Cordovas at FB
David Ramirez at YT
The Wrecks at IG
9:40: Phebe Starr at IG
10pm: Lawrence Rothman at IG
10:40: Missy Higgins at IG
11pm: Birds of Toyko at FB
11:20: Harmony Byrne at IG
12am: Vera Blue at IG


10am: The Dunwells at FB
11am: Marc Broussard at FB
Passenger at YT
1pm: ? at Jimmy’s IG
1:30: Truett at FB
2pm: The Accidentals at Dustbowl Revival FB
Magic Giant at Magic Giant IG
2:20: Glen Hansard at Magic Giant IG
2:35: Meg Myers at Magic Giant IG
2:50: Max at Magic Giant IG
3pm: Couch LA f. Holy Wars, The Zmed Brothers at Badass Bands YT
Shaed at Magic Giant IG
3:20: Ashe at Magic Giant IG
4pm: Freddy & Francine at FB
Neil Francis at Jam in the Van YT
Steve Poltz at Dustbowl Revival FB
The Lumineers at Magic Giant IG
4:30: Dustbowl Revival at Dustbowl Revival FB
Jason Mraz at Magic Giant IG
5pm: Taylor Goldsmith & Mandy Moore on IG
Tony Lucca at Rockwood Music Hall IG
5:30: Pawnshop Roses at FB (Ribhouse Music Benefit)
6pm: Tony Lucca at FB
The Wrecks at IG
Jon Mclaughlin at StageIt (6pm)
Joe Pug at YT


To Keep in Mind:

April 21st: Glen Hansard at IG (1pm)
April 21st: Will Dailey at Club Passim FB (4pm)
April 22nd: The Griswolds at Amazon Twitch (5pm)
April 23rd: Jon Mclaughlin at StageIt (6pm)
April 23rd: Tony Lucca and Jay Nash at Evanston Space FB
April 24th: Jace Miller of Alright Junior at FB (4:30)
April 24th: Emily Wolfe at wtmdradio FB (5pm)
April 25th: BlockByBlockWest
April 25th: Max Gomez at FB (5pm)
April 27th: Max Gomez at FB/YT (5pm)
April 28th: Jon Mclaughlin at StageIt (6pm)
April 30th: Snow Patrol at IG (noon)
May 3rd: Jon Mclaughlin at StageIt (6pm)
May 8th: Jon Mclaughlin at StageIt (6pm)


~ Kristen