Kristen’s Remote Streaming Concert Calendar: 1/18-1/24

This is usually the time of year when I’m really digging into the announced SXSW artists. No artists have been announced for this year’s virtual event so I’m feeling the void typically filled by listening to hundreds of random new artists a day. It’s the first time in what feels like years that I’m caught up on all the press releases and artist announcements in the inbox! 

In the vein of music discovery, I’m looking forward to a livestream series starting next week on the Scruff of the Neck TV Twitch channel. Presented by BBC Radio 1’s Abbie McCarthy, it’s sure to introduce us to some rising British bands! I already spot a few of my 2020 faves on the list (Larkins, King-No One, Corella).

As for the rest of my top streaming options:

10am: The Dunwells at FB/YT
2pm: Sons of Silver at Amazon Music Twitch
4pm: Jocelyn & Chris at FB
6pm: Glen Phillips at FB
JR Moore at FB

11:30: Corella + Ellysse Mason at Scruff of the Neck Twitch
2pm: Breakthough Live Series at AmazonMusic Twitch
4pm: Hayes Carll at YT/Twitch/FB
Matt Kent at Rockwood Music Hall FB
4:30: Will Dailey at FB
5:30: The Band of Heathens at
6pm: Hailey Knox at #BeApp
Rhett Miller at StageIt
Andy Davis at Rockwood Music Hall FB

8am: Lewis Watson at Twitch
10am: The Dunwells at FB/YT
11:30: Larkins + Lucy Deakin at Scruff of the Neck Twitch
Ari Hest at Paste Magazine YT
4pm: William Fitzsimmons w/ Adam Landry at IG/Twitch
5pm: Plain White T’s at FB
6pm: Glen Phillips at FB
Tony Lucca at Mo’Verb Lounge
7pm: Joel Eckels at FB
8pm: Rhett Miller at StageIt

10am: Amazon Music Sessions at AmazonMusic UK Twitch
Nick Waterhouse at
11am: The Hives at
11:30: ist ist at Scruff of the Neck Twitch
2pm: Melissa Ferrick at Paste Magazine YT
4:30: Vundabar at Paste Magazine YT
5pm: Stephen Kellogg at
Erin McKeown at
5:30: Ron Pope at
Joshua Radin at
Phoebe Bridgers at Bandsintown Plus
Matt Scannel (Vertical Horizon) at StageIt
7pm: Ethan Gruska at Bandsintown Plus  

10am: The Dunwells at FB/YT
Lewis Watson at Twitch
11:30: Lottery Winners + Bamily at Scruff of the Neck Twitch
Peter Mulvey at Paste Magazine YT
12pm: Glen Phillips at FB
The Hives at
The Luka State at
2pm: Rufus Wainwright at
Dwight & Nicole at Paste Magazine YT
4:30: Martin Sexton at Paste Magazine YT
5pm: Jace Miller of Alright Junior at Alright Junior FB
Moon Taxi at

11:30: Bad Boy Chiller Crew + The Rills at Scruff of the Neck Twitch
12pm: The Luka State at
4pm: Trevor Hall at Bandsintown Plus
The Hives at
The Reverend’s Peyton’s Big Damn Band at FB
5pm: Erin Hall at Rockwood Music Hall
6pm: Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) at Bandsintown Plus
6:30: Fantastic Negrito at

9am: Rhett Miller at StageIt
11am: Chris Thile at
12pm: grandson at YT
3pm: Shawn Mullins at FB
4pm: Jocelyn & Chris at FB
6pm: Joe Pug at FB

FB = Facebook, IG = Instagram, YT = YouTube

To Keep in Mind:
January 29th: Jimmy Eat World at (2pm)
January 29th: Adam Lambert at (1pm, 7pm)
January 30th: The North Will Rise Again. F Red Rum Club (11:30)
January 30th: Cage the Elephant at
February 12th: Jimmy Eat World at (2pm)
February 13th: Bif Naked at
February 13th: Jade Bird at RCA Studios (5pm)
February 18th: Lord Huron at (5pm)
February 24th: William Fitzsimmons w/ Maria Taylor at IG/Twitch (4pm)
March 3rd: Dreamers at (6pm)
March 18th: Lord Huron at (5pm)
March 24th: William Fitzsimmons w/ Cary Brothers at IG/Twitch (4pm)
April 15th: Lord Huron at (5pm)
April 21st: William Fitzsimmons w/ Rosie Thomas at IG/Twitch (4pm)
May 19th: William Fitzsimmons w/ Abby Gundersen at IG/Twitch (4pm)

~ Kristen