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LA Calendar update: Nathan Angelo on Friday at Room 5

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I recently downloaded the Noisetrade Fall Sampler from I’m enjoying so many of the artists on it. Atlanta artist, Nathan Angelo makes an appearance on the sampler with his song “Follow Your Heart”. I looked him up and noticed that he’s playing LA this Friday (October 7th) at Room 5 at 8pm with Chris Ayer and Matt Simons (I assume in a round scenario). They are followed by Parker Ainsworth at 10pm so all in all a great night of singer-songwriters!

~ Kristen

Twin Atlantic: new single, contest, and US tour dates!

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This morning I was casually listening to a live internet chat with two of the members from Scottish alt rock band, Twin Atlantic. Sam (vocals) and Ross (bass) spend some time answering random questions from fans and then played a couple of tunes from their record, Free. One of the songs played was “Make a Beast of Myself” which, incidentally, is one of my favorites from the album and their newest single.  The band just released a video for this song. What’s more is that if you watch this video and can find and click on the hidden link, you’re entered into a contest to win a guitar that was used by Sam in the “Time For You To Stand Up” music video.

I think this idea for a contest is genius! Even if you don’t win the guitar, you can still get a free song download.

Here’s the video. The hint for the contest is that Sam likes to paint…


Even more exciting than the potential to win a guitar, is the guarantee to see these gents live during their upcoming US tour with AWOLNATION (another band that made my SXSW ’11 mix).  They come to LA in a little over a month! November 3rd at The Music Box.



Finally, in case you were wondering, my favorite question asked during the chat session: “What is your favorite Biffy Clyro song?”

Answer: Ross: “Bubbles” (off Only Revolutions)
Sam: “Eradicate The Doubt” (off  The Vertigo of Bliss)

There is no such thing as too much Biffy in one’s life…:)


~ Kristen

Show Announcements: Needtobreathe, Our Lady Peace, Milo Greene

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Needtobreathe just announced that they are playing an intimate gig at The Hotel Cafe THIS FRIDAY/tomorrow/8.26. I pounced on this amazing opportunity and wanted to get the word out there for all you Needtobreathe fans…you know this is going to sell out any moment now. Go here to see if there are still tickets available:

Another exciting show announcement on the other end of the spectrum (but equally exciting to me): Our Lady Peace at The Viper Room. September 11th! Support from some great local groups, The Shakers, Of Verona, Hello Vegas. This is another get your tickets now moment. Go here:


Finally, with the unfortunate cancellation of Sunset Junction this weekend, you might be at a loss for what to do. No sign (yet) of a rescheduled The Belle Brigade/Rooney/Hanson show on Sunday night, but there are some last minute shows popping up that might help fill the void.

* Milo Greene will be at The Hotel Cafe Saturday night. This is a new band love of mine so this will be an amazing show! Don’t miss it

* Helmet Saturday night at The Viper Room

* Dangerbird Records (in Silverlake) is hosting some of my favorite artists that were bound for the Sunset Junction Stage on Saturday afternoon from 12-6pm. Artists include Milo Greene, Butch Walker, Chasing Kings, and Holly Conlan. For more info go here:


* you can venture to Long Beach for another festival. BuskerFest features some great bands like Everest, Jay Buchanan, and new LMN discovery Korey Dane. For more info:


That’s all I got for now! Go buy your tickets and I’ll see you at the shows!!


UPDATES on more Sunset Junction artists booking new shows can be found here:


~ Kristen

Must Download: Dead Sara’s “Weatherman”

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In anticipation of their album coming out this fall, LA rock quartet Dead Sara have released their first single, one of my favorite DS tunes, “Weatherman”. Dead Sara is one of the best bands coming out of LA right now (in my opinion). Go download their song and see for yourself. Blast it through the speakers and I dare you to resist the urge to rock out.


Now that you’re craving more, go join their email list to get another song from the forthcoming album for free!

Finally, since your interest has been piqued, go see them LIVE as they open for Bush on a portion of their fall tour. If you’re in LA, Dead Sara  has several upcoming gigs, including playing the SSMF on the 19th at The Roxy with Buckcherry.





~ Kristen




Listen to This!: When I Stop Running – TFDI

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Tony Lucca, Matt Duke, and Jay Nash are three of my favorite singer-songwriters. Last year they went on a tour christened the “Totally F*ckin’ Doin’ It” (TFDI) Tour. The tour was a smashing success, spawning a 4 song TFDI EP that had the masses demanding more. This summer, the trio announced another TFDI tour coupled with the release of a full length album, When I Stop Running. I downloaded the album a couple days ago and I can’t stop listening. It’s a combination of tunes, familiar and new, all sung by some combination of voices that alone have the ability to stir the soul and together…well, can we say super group?  I’m enjoying the group takes on classics like Lucca’s “Darlin’ I” and Nash’s “Sweet Talking Liar”, but I’m even more excited about songs I hadn’t heard before like “Hurtin Kind” and the titular “When I Stop Running” as well as fun covers like a slowed down version of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and the incredibly apropos “On the Road Again.”

If you want a description of what the trio has to offer, I’d point you to the TFDI facebook page where each of the three artists relays their take on this unique “bromance” and the upcoming tour. Here’s what Jay Nash had to say:

“It’s a simple equation, but it works incredibly well,” says Nash. “Three distinct songwriting voices and three guitars is the general blueprint, but this time around, expect surprises. Lucca gravitates toward an R&B and soul vibe, Matt Duke brings in the alternative rock, and I suppose that I am the hippie/Americana fan. Somehow it all blends together into beautiful cacophony. Last fall, I think that we found a great starting point and I cannot wait to continue on stage and in the studio. Also, Matt Duke, if you could bring an extra toothbrush along, that would be great.”

The TFDI Tour is coming through California in August. The Hotel Cafe on the 18th, Saint Rocke on the 19th, The Ventura Folk Festival on the 20th, Anthology in San Diego on the 28th. Check out the tour page for more info on cities and dates that take the trio all over the country through the fall months.

You can download When I Stop Running on Amazon where you can get “Stranger in a Strange Place” for free!

Here’s a promo for their tour last fall…


~ Kristen

LA Show Announcement: Dead Sara at Hemingway’s Sunday 7/24

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I always tell you something will come up on those blank Sunday’s in the calendar. This week it’s an especially good one, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. Band love, Dead Sara, is playing at Hemingway’s Lounge in Hollywood this Sunday (7/24).  Check here for details…and to RSVP for the guest list. Hemingway’s is a club very fitting of its name, books everywhere (include bookcase pillars) and a wall decorated with old typewriters. And, of course, Dead Sara is one of the best up and coming LA bands. For a taste, check out their recent video for one of my favorite Dead Sara tunes, “Sorry For It All”…incidentally filmed at Hemingway’s.


~ Kristen

Listen to This!: Jim Bianco’s “Loudmouth”

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I absolutely LOVE that the very first thing you hear when you press play on Jim Bianco’s new album, Loudmouth, is laughter. I have been a fan of Mr. Bianco for a couple years now, seeing him play at The Hotel Cafe, Hotel Carolina, and, most recently, SXSW, and one of the things I love most about his live performance is that it always puts you in a good mood.  Not afraid to speak/sing his mind and often delivering the unexpected, this CD succeeds in capturing the essence of a live show and takes the listener on a journey to fun and somewhat unexpected places.

My first thought after l began listening was “I can’t believe these songs haven’t been released already!” Seriously, “Elevator Operator”, an infectious tune about a woman who aspires to be an elevator operator, was the first song I remember hearing Jim Bianco sing a couple of years ago. And the song “Sinners” has long been the anthem I’ve associated with Bianco; that song that calls all the musicians in the room to the stage and gets the crowd on their feet singing along.

I suppose it’s appropriate to open the album with this song that goes, “Heave ho to hell we go. Look out here we come!”  Bianco’s voice lends itself well to the more debacherous tune and I’m fairly sure he could make a children’s nursery rhyme into a song that would turn your cheeks pink. But don’t let the theme of the first tune deceive you into thinking the entire album follows this lead.

The rest of the album goes back and forth between upbeat tunes with a devil may care attitude like “Take You Home” and “Shut Up and Kiss Me” and songs showing more emotional vulnerability such as “Talented” and “Ok, I Suppose”.  The gruff in Bianco’s unique voice pulls off both ends of the spectrum equally well and with the aid of the musical arrangements (horns versus strings, the piano versus keyboard,  acoustic versus electric guitar, an array of percussion), this CD has the ability to take you from headboppin’ smiles to heartbreaking sighs in the matter of minutes.

Let Loudmouth grab your attention with catchier ditties like “Sinners” and “Elevator Operator”, but stick around to see this loudmouth’s softer side. After several listens, the tune that really stays with me is the album ender, “Home”. I’ve always enjoyed this song, but there is something about how it’s arranged on the album that seems to elevate its emotional intensity.

“Home” also brings the album great closure. It’s like that “Sinner” from track one, who has been through all these emotional ups and downs has come to some sort of conclusion about life.

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound. A sinner’s prayer is heard while falling to the ground. I once was lost but now I’ve found. Home.

“There is only one voice whispering in our ear. There is only one place, we’re already here. There is only one word. It’s the word you’re thinking.”

Loudmouth is a seamless transition from Bianco’s 2008 release, Sing. If you are a fan of that album, or enjoy any of Bianco’s brethren on the Hotel Cafe circuit (Cary Brothers, Laura Jansen, Jay Nash, Meiko, Brian Wright, etc.), this album will fit quite nicely in your collection.

And if you’re in Los Angeles TONIGHT (Monday April 4th), Come to Bardot to celebrate the release of Loudmouth. Jim Bianco plays at 10pm!


~ Kristen