Kristen’s ’10 Mix – Track 15 – Egyptian

15. “Colorblind” – Egyptian

check out the song (and others) here

Lots of exciting things happened in the Nico Vega universe this year. I had the crazy amazing opportunity to be an extra in Nico Vega’s  music video for “Gravity”, their Halloween show “Witch Hunt” included the most dramatic opening for “Beast” ever seen, and they started releasing new music (well, covers of old music, but still). The lead singer of Nico Vega, Aja Volkman, started a side project this year with the singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds. They call themselves Egyptian. They are also fantastic. I immediately fell in love with them and especially their song “Colorblind”

Instead of burdening you with my hundreds of Nico Vega pictures, I’ll just entertain you with some Egyptian videos…let the extreme cuteness unfold…

~ Kristen

track 14: The Academy Is…
track 16: Lakes

New Band Alert! Egyptian

What happens when two of the sexiest, most captivating singers I know get together to make music? That would be Egyptian, a musical endeavor featuring Aja Volkman (Nico Vega) and Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons).

Egyptian doesn’t really sound like either Nico Vega or Imagine Dragons…it’s not so much a band as it is two brilliant vocalists having fun with a keyboard. For those of you who have discovered Aja’s “Stick of Wax” video(as we did), I’d think more in that direction.

I’m not sure what the intentions are here with this side project, but they have quite a few songs up on their myspace. I’ve been listening all day and now consider myself a fan…definately putting this duo on my “watch” list. I just needed to share!

~ Kristen

More Rock Goes Acoustic: Nico Vega

And speaking of Nico Vega and rock going acoustic, looks like my fave rockers recently did an acoustic session. What’s even more exciting is they are showcasing one of their newer tunes “Human/Animal”. Is it just me, or does this format bring out the beauty of Aja’s voice even more?

Also, I’m really loving this take on “Gravity”:

For comparison’s sake, Nico Vega’s “Gravity” music video (can you spot me or Amanda?)

~ Kristen

Several Noteworthy Videos

So I’ve come across several videos of note this week. All of songs that I wish would be recorded already!

The first video is from my friends, The Elizabeth Kill, and is a great warm-up for the Alice in Wonderland movie coming out this weekend. It’s for a song called “The Great Escape” and features some bits from the movie…it’s going to be trippy!

The second video is from Nico Vega frontwoman, Aja Volkman. I swear this woman can do no wrong! This video is for a song called “Stick of Wax”, an incredibly haunting song sung by such a beautiful voice…a must listen!

Finally, one of my fave SD bands, Dirty Sweet, was supposed to come up to LA and play some acoustic gigs at The Hotel Café…these dates, sadly, seem to have been removed from their calendar in favor of time spent at SXSW followed by a European tour…as a result I’ve been mourning by watching some lovely acoustic Dirty Sweet videos! Here’s one of them, the title track of their forthcoming album (April 6th!!) “American Spiritual”. For more Dirty Sweet videos, check out their myspace page:

~ Kristen