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Kristen’s Wedding Mix ’12- A Selection

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I have a friend who is getting married at the end of this month so obviously, I am making her a lovely wedding/marriage themed mixed CD. In the process of combing through my music library to select the perfect songs, I’ve realized that many of the songs that one might classify as “love songs” aren’t really that at all. Well, there are a lot of songs about love, but I feel that they are mostly about love lost, a yearning for love, or what might more appropriately be labeled “lust” songs.

Another challenge is keeping the ratio of slow songs to more upbeat numbers reasonable. Ballads are great, but there can be rock songs about love and marriage, right? right??

Overall this has been a fun little exercise as it’s encouraged me to take a closer listen to some of my favorite songs. I thought I’d share some of my selections, so here are my top five cuts from my first wedding mix:

1)      “Mountains” – Biffy Clyro

I firmly believe this to be the most romantic song ever written. I think for full impact, one must read the book Only Revolutions which inspired the song and the album it is on. I selected the acoustic version for the mix


2)      “Nothing Without You” – Carney

I am also including the obvious “Think of You” but I wanted to rock the mix up a bit.


3)      “Car Door (Dancing In the Aisles)” – Joe Firstman

All the complexities of marriage boiled down to a single line: “I’ll open up your car door every time as long as you’ll reach over and unlock mine”


4)      “On Top Of The World” – Matthew Perryman Jones

the beauty of this song is paralyzing


5)      “May I Suggest” – Red Molly

an affirmative song that should be played every day, but might be particularly relevant on a day like your wedding day


I also have on deck, songs from Ed Sheeran, Ben Rector, NEEDTOBREATHE, A Fine Frenzy, Tony Lucca, and more!

However, suggestions are welcomed…


~ Kristen

Kristen’s ’11 Mix – Track 3 – Biffy Clyro

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3. “The Captain” (acoustic) – Biffy Clyro

Another year has gone by and I’m still obsessed with Biffy Clyro.  My fave shirtless Scottsmen spent a lot of time in the US this year (YAY!). Some of my Biffy highlights include seeing them headline at The Troubadour and The Belly Up, selling the band’s merch, sneaking backstage to say hi, interviewing drummer Ben Johnston, filling out my Biffy collection (including imports), and meeting the band as well as some fellow Biffy lovers. But the Biffiest experience of  all was when the band partnered up with author Mark Danielewski to do an evening of music and readings surrounding Mark’s book “Only Revolutions” and Biffy Clyro’s CD of the same name. Mark’s book is amazing. I’d never experienced experimental literature before and found it incredibly rewarding. This event also marked the first time I was able to hear the usually raucous hard rockers break it down and do acoustic versions of their tunes. I loved the acoustic version of “The Captain” so much, I went home and learned it on my guitar. MON THE BIFF!

Here’s “The Captain” prefaced by Mark Danielewski reading from his book:

~ Kristen

Twin Atlantic: new single, contest, and US tour dates!

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This morning I was casually listening to a live internet chat with two of the members from Scottish alt rock band, Twin Atlantic. Sam (vocals) and Ross (bass) spend some time answering random questions from fans and then played a couple of tunes from their record, Free. One of the songs played was “Make a Beast of Myself” which, incidentally, is one of my favorites from the album and their newest single.  The band just released a video for this song. What’s more is that if you watch this video and can find and click on the hidden link, you’re entered into a contest to win a guitar that was used by Sam in the “Time For You To Stand Up” music video.

I think this idea for a contest is genius! Even if you don’t win the guitar, you can still get a free song download.

Here’s the video. The hint for the contest is that Sam likes to paint…


Even more exciting than the potential to win a guitar, is the guarantee to see these gents live during their upcoming US tour with AWOLNATION (another band that made my SXSW ’11 mix).  They come to LA in a little over a month! November 3rd at The Music Box.



Finally, in case you were wondering, my favorite question asked during the chat session: “What is your favorite Biffy Clyro song?”

Answer: Ross: “Bubbles” (off Only Revolutions)
Sam: “Eradicate The Doubt” (off  The Vertigo of Bliss)

There is no such thing as too much Biffy in one’s life…:)


~ Kristen

Listen to This! The Lonely Forest, Matt Duke, Wakey!Wakey!

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Some excellent tunage currently spinning on my IPod (and helping me through the this particularly difficult work day). If you’re looking for some new music to check out, here’s what I’d recommend:

Matt DukeOne Day Die


One of my favorite Philly (as well as Hotel Carolina) artists, I’ve been looking forward to this release for awhile. I just purchased it today so time will tell how it stacks up against his last CD which I consider to be a masterpiece. Looking forward to getting to know One Day Die a little better and to seeing Matt again (hopefully he’ll come out to LA sometime soon).

Matt is ready, are you?


The Lonely ForestArrows


I’ve been in love with this band from Anacortes, Washington since SXSW ’10. “We Sing In Time” struck me from note one. Their first full length album came out last week. It features that song as well as many other gems. Seriously, I really like every single song on this album…


Wakey!Wakey!- Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You…


Wakey!Wakey! has been on my radar for awhile now, but since seeing Mike Grubbs perform live, this CD has taken permanent residence in my best of playlist. My fave tune right now? Anything heavy with the violin…like “Almost Everything” or “Light Outside”




Biffy ClyroOnly Revolutions


You all know I’ve been obsessed with this CD since I first saw these Scottsmen open for Manchester Orchestra, but this week, the CD has finally been released in stores in the US. SO, what are you waiting for? GO OUT AND GET IT! This is hands down my favorite CD released in the last couple of years. Now if only I could get a copy of Lonely Revolutions (B-sides for this CD)…



Happy Listening!


~ Kristen

Kristen’ LA Concert Calendar: 2/28-3/6

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Just go home from an Oscar party. I won a prize for successfully predicting the most award winners. If anyone wants their toast to wish them a good morning…well, I’ve got you covered! For the most part, I enjoyed the ceremony. The only thing I’m slightly irritated about (well, more than slightly) is the absence of Dido singing the song that she co-wrote for 127 Hours. Now, I love Florence from Florence and The Machine, but Dido is one of my all-time faves and I was really looking forward to seeing her sing.

But I’ll try to focus on the positive. Which brings me to this forthcoming week. Let’s christen it “Biffy week” in honor of the fact that I will be seeing my current band obsession, Biffy Clyro, twice this week. The Scottsmen will be performing on Tuesday at The Troubadour. Then on Weds, they are sitting down at Bootleg Theater with Mark Z Danielewski, author of the book Only Revolutions, upon which Biffy Clyro’s 2009 release of the same title is based. Saying that I’m giddy about these events is an understatement.

Filling out the week, we have more highly anticipated shows by the likes of Everest, Semi Precious Weapons, Moving Picture Show, and After Midnight Project (another band obsession of mine). And if you didn’t get a ticket to the sold out Biffy Clyro show on Tuesday, I’d highly HIGHLY recommend jetting down to Hermosa Beach for some The Silent Comedy/Queen Caveat action at Saint Rocke. You will not be disappointed.

My complete list of shows I’d love to go to as follows:


Monday: Everest and Red Cortez FREE at The Satellite (9pm)
ALSO: Armada at The Viper Room (9:15)
ALSO: War Tapes FREE at Silverlake Lounge (10pm)
ALSO: J. Tillman (of Fleet Foxes) FREE at Bootleg Theater (9pm)
ALSO: Songwriters in the Round at Room 5 (9pm)

Tuesday: Biffy Clyro at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: The Silent Comedy and Queen Caveat at Saint Rocke (9,10)
ALSO: George Stanford at The Piano Bar (11pm)
ALSO: Jukebox the Ghost at The Echo (8pm)
ALSO: Jonathan Clarke and Satellite at Molly Malone’s (8,9)
ALSO: Joseph Arthur at Bootleg Theater (9:45)


Weds: Liner Notes with Biffy Clyro and author Mark Z Danielewski at Bootleg Theater (7pm)
ALSO: Semi Precious Weapons FREE at On The Rox (10pm)
ALSO: Lovers Drugs and Beatnik Jr. at 3 Clubs (10pm)
ALSO: Anna Nalick at The Hotel Cafe (10pm)
ALSO: Zoe Keating at Largo at the Coronet (8pm)
ALSO: Infantree at The Satellite (8:30)


Thursday: Moving Picture Show, Sabrosa Purr, and Great Northern at Bootleg Theater (8:30,9:30, 10:30)
ALSO: Civil Twilight at The Troubadour (10pm)
ALSO: Stephen Kellogg and Austin Hartley Leonard at The Hotel Cafe (8,9)
ALSO: The Entrance Band at The Satellite (10pm)


Friday: After Midnight Project at The Roxy (10pm)
ALSO: Keaton Simons at The Hotel Cafe (9:30)
ALSO: Wild Nothing and Abe Vigoda at The Natural History Museum for First Fridays (5pm)


Saturday: Winchester Rebels FREE at On The Rox 11:15)
ALSO: Love and a .38 and The Binges at The Viper Room (10,11)
ALSO: Alexi Murdoch at Bootleg Theater (11pm)


Sunday: Morcheeba at The Music Box (8pm)
ALSO: Joseph Tobin Tribute Concert featuring Joey Ryan, Jay Nash, Chris Pierce, Austin Hartley Leonard, etc. at The Hotel Cafe (7pm)
ALSO: Songwriters Round at Room 5 featuring Paris Carney (9pm)


To Keep in Mind:
March 8th: Vertical Horizon at The Roxy
March 8th: Queen Caveat, Dead Sara, Little Red Radio at The Mint
March 9th: Jay Nash at Saint Rocke
March 11th: Fair to Midland at Whiskey a Go Go
March 17th: Alkaline Trio and Dead Country at The Mayan
March 22nd: War on Drugs at The Troubadour
March 26th: Lady Danville at The Troubadour
March 28th: Chris Robinson Brotherhood at The Echoplex
March 30th: Imagine Dragons at The Viper Room
April 11th: Chris Robinson Brotherhood at The Echoplex
April 16th: Matt Wertz and Ben Rector at The Troubadour
April 25th: Airborne Toxic Event at The Satellite
May 27th: The Script at Club Nokia
June 9-12: Bonnaroo!!
June 13th: Florence and The Machine at The Greek Theater
September 22-24: Hotel Carolina
~ Kristen


Download This: Acoustic “The Captain”

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Coming out of my drug-induced slumber to tell you all about the acoustic version of the Biffy Clyro song, “The Captain” available for download here: http://www.magnetmagazine.com/2011/02/15/mp3-at-3pm-biffy-clyro/

It certainly brightens my day…hope it can do the same for you.

Biffy Clyro’s north american tour is underway. Their LA date at The Troubadour on March 1st is already sold out. Their special sit down with Mark Z. Danielewski to discuss the influence of his book “Only Revolutions” on their CD of the same name still has tickets available as far as I can tell. March 2nd at The Bootleg.