SXSW ’13-Day 4

I apologize if my last post seemed a little lackluster. I think tiredness and soreness had set in. Today was a different story however. I’m still really jazzed from the events of the day despite how much my feet are screaming at me.
We started off with lunch at the ASOS lounge where we munched on free tacos and indulged in some free music thanks to RedTouch Media. From there we went to see Third Eye Blind at Hangar Lounge however, they were half an hour late and the sound was so loud that even with ear plugs, my ears hurt. We decided to leave right then and there but not before scoring some free Sony headphones. A quick dash to Filter on Cedar Street for our wristbands and some stuff, including a slap band with a usb drive! We got back to the ASOS lounge in time to catch some K. Flay and another taco but our bags of swag were weighing us down and we needed to drop our stuff at the hotel.

I was determined to catch some Airborne Toxic Event since I had never seen them and with Fitz and The Tantrums playing after, I knew I found a place to hang. After catching a bit of Airborne Toxic Event, I went to meet with my other half at Empire Automotive but they were running so far behind that I went back to make sure I made it in for Fitz and the Tantrums. This was an epic show at Old School Bar and Grill presented by StubHub and I was so glad to be there. I even got a set list!


From there was a quick dash across the street to catch the tail end of Free Energy at Peckerheads. We hiked over to Rachel Ray’s Feedback House for dinner but dinner never seemed to come. The gang split up and I took the chance to get a quick rest at the hotel before coming out to dance with Semi Precious Weapons at The Main. All of the SXSW High Voltage crew was there dancing and singing along with the band at the top of our lungs. We all had smiles by the time Semi Precious Weapons ended, which was far too soon.


I decided to make a go for The Roxy Showcase at Empire Automotive to see Dead Sara. However, Capital Cities went way late and despite the line outside, I managed to make it in and up front. Dead Sara blew the house down, as is their usual style. However, by the time my feet were screaming at me and I had to call it a night. But it ended on such a great note, I, couldn’t be happier!

Check out more photos below.


~ Amanda

addendum: I just wanted to mention the amazing time I had at The Blackberry House. It was the best sound I’ve heard all week plus I got to see two of my favorites, Keaton Simons and Leogun back to back. Add in the comfy chairs, accessible outlets, and ice pops and we have the makings of a highly enjoyable afternoon.


~ Kristen