My Ideal Birthday Concert

It’s my birthday!  What I’d really like to be doing to celebrate is watch all the fantastic bands that are playing SXSW today (including faves The Crash Kings and Carney). Then I thought, as long as I’m wishing for the impossible, I might as well go all out.  The best way to celebrate my birthday would be by watching the following three bands (one of which no longer plays) at the now defunct Grape Street outside Philadelphia, PA. That’s how I’d really like to celebrate my birthday…yes…
You can give to me a birthday gift by checking these bands out !

1. Pepper’s Ghost– “Everything and Anything” at The Trocadero

2. Pawnshop Roses– “Let It Roll” at The Grape Street 

3. Jealousy Curve – “Black Widow” at The Grape Street

BONUS: Pepper’s Ghost – “You”

~ Kristen