Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights

Listening to all the SXSW ’10 bands, Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights definitely caught my ear. I loved their song “Gypsy Woman” but was frustrated when I couldn’t find it anywhere online (so I could add it to my mix). Fortunately, they played LA Thursday night…The Viper Room. It was a typical Viper Room experience. I went by myself and since there are no walls to really melt into, it felt a bit like being the weak link in a Red Rover game most of the evening. But Jonathan et al. made it worthwhile. They play my favorite type of rock ‘n roll- with a southern flare (the band is from Texas, but its members originate from all over the southern portion of the country).  Their inspiring music and invigorating live performance will definitely qualify them for a spot on my watch list. They have a CD coming out at the end of the month (April 27th) and are touring all over CA and then the south…making a stop at Bonnaroo (yay!!).  
Tonight (Saturday) they will be in San Diego at The House of Blues.

If you can’t catch them live, be sure to check out their videos and live recordings on their website. I’ve been told the Viper Room show will get put up there so I’m excited to have something to listen to while I patiently wait for April 27th.

~ Kristen