New Music Tuesday: Kill The Alarm, Hugo, Manchester Orchestra

It’s new music Tuesday! Anything you’ve been looking forward to? The return of The Cars? Or perhaps, the much buzzed about Christina Perri…or maybe SNL spawned The Lonely Island? Gleeks out there might be interested to check out Matthew Morrison’s new album. While you’re in the music-buying mood, might I suggest some CDs I’ve been looking forward to that officially come out today:


Against The Grain– Kill The Alarm

I’ve been a big fan of anything by Garen Gueyikian for quite some time. He hasn’t put out much in the way of new original music in ages, so I’m most excited about the release of this EP, Against The Grain, from his band, Kill The Alarm. I can’t wait to give it a proper listen (here).

Here’s an acoustic performance of the first single, “Don’t Run Away”


Old Tyme Religion– Hugo

I first came across the bluesy-rock of NYC-based Hugo at SXSW. I’ve been jamming out to Old Tyme Religion for a couple weeks now, but it’s official release is today. To learn more about Hugo, read this recent interview. To go straight to the downloading bit, here’s the itunes link.

You might be familiar with Hugo’s take on Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”, but I’m really digging this track:


Simple MathManchester Orchestra

The “I’ve Got Friends” hitmakers have a new CD out today. I haven’t heard any of Simple Math yet, but I don’t need to to know that I will need this album in my collection. This band puts on one of the best live shows and I will need to be familiar with all their new tunes to more fully enjoy their June 2nd show at The Music Box.

The band stopped by the studio for my favorite radio station in December. Here’s an acoustic version of the title track off their new album.


~ Kristen