New Band Alert: Hot Brush

According to the band, Hot Brush is defined as an intense moment/experience; enlightenment; an alignment of fate. If it is fate that brought together Jace (Alright Junior) and Elissa (Karma Bat) on their musical journeys, then certainly we should pay attention! This duo from Philadelphia only has a couple songs up for our listening pleasure, but I’m quite excited about what I hear.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Jace’s voice and I find it only enhanced by the sweetness of Elissa’s harmonies in “Bloodfed Trees”. I’m also digging the pluckiness of the ukulele which is a fantastic juxtaposition to the darker lyrical tones. The other Hot Brush tune “Dr. Fuller” (see below) is another gem. It reminds me of a darker version of Egyptian’s Doctor Doctor“…it’s as if Hot Brush is the east coast’s answer to the west coast’s power duo of Aja (Nico Vega) and Dan (Imagine Dragons). But I digress…

If you’re in Philadelphia, you need to go check out Hot Brush (and kindly report back). They have a couple shows on the calendar. May 30th at Kung Fu Necktie and June 1st at PJ Ryan’s Underground in Pheonixville.

In the meantime, like them on facebook, follow them on twitter, listen to some tunes on reverb nation, and generally fall in love with some new music! yay!


~ Kristen