New Music Tuesday 6/11/13 Featuring The Silent Comedy, Matthew Mayfield, Irontom

Lots of delicious music coming out this summer.  I don’t know how I feel about all the abbreviated EPs (versus full length albums), but I guess that is the way of things. As long as my favorites keep putting amazing new tunes in my ears, I cannot complain. Here’s what  I’ve been listening to this week:

The Silent ComedyFriends

The wait for new Silent Comedy material has been somewhat
painful, but now I can rejoice as one of my favorite bands has released a
collection of new gems. As a whole, the record seems less aggressive than I’m
used to from a typically raucous Silent Comedy show, but there is still a familiar
edge and tell-tale musicality that can transport you another time and place
that long-time TSC fans might call The Church of The Silent Comedy. This is a
place where the whiskey flows and the world seems a better place, not because
it is not dark, but because in that darkness we know we are not alone.  In other words, go out and buy this record as
you’ll be better for it.

Matthew MayfieldIrons
in the Fire

One listen to the first track off this EP and I’m sold. Matthew has an amazing ability to produce instantly impactful songs that have both an emotional intensity and rough, rocker edge. This EP translates the Mayfield magic to its recorded form surprisingly well making it a very easy purchasing decision. As a bonus, the EP includes a couple new versions of the smoldering “Fire Escape”.

IrontomNitro EP

This one came out last week, but as it has been on repeat in my itunes since then, I would be remiss to not mention it. LMN Band Love Irontom plays somewhat frenzied rock songs and after a few listens, it is hard not to get caught up and swept away in the band’s refreshing take on the genre. This band, for me, has become an addiction. Take a listen and join me!

Some other CDs out today worth checking out:


~ Kristen